[Activity] Get BCode after Verification of ETH Wallet

To avoid the failure of withdrawal due to the error of the wallet binding, we are now initiating the verification for ETH wallet. From today (Oct. 26, 2018) to 12:00 UTC time of Oct. 28, 2018, users who complete the ETH wallet binding and verification procedures will obtain a BCode for into their accounts.

The verification processes:

  1. Go to the official website: bonuscloud.io, sign in and go to the “Account Setting — Wallet Binding” to bind your ETH wallet.
  2. Go to the “Data Panel” page and find out your invitation link, cope the last six numbers of the link.

3. Initiate a transaction of 0 ETH from your binding ETH wallet and fill “0x******” (* refers to the last six numbers mentioned in the Step 2) in the hexadecimal data, and the transaction should send to the following ETH wallet:


4. The data of the chain will be under the verification after the successful transaction, if the account, ETH wallet and hexadecimal data pass the verification, then the ETH wallet binding will be considered correct.

5. We will send one BCode to the users who complete the processes mentioned above directly to their accounts between 12:00 UTC time one day before and 12:00 UTC time of the day after 12:00 UTC time during the activity period.

6. Each ETH wallet is allowed to bind to different BonusCloud accounts, but only the first account which complete the verification among all the accounts with one ETH wallet bound can receive the BCode.

7. Every BonusCloud account can only have one chance to get the BCode.


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