[ANN]BonusCloud Project Update(2019.4.15–2019.4.21)

Hello all,

This is BonusCloud project update for 2019.4.15–2019.4.21:


  1. [dev] Detailed design and development for the WIP version of BonusNet 1.0. [60%]
  2. [dev] Design and development for the node resource consensus algorithms of BonusComputing. [85%]
  3. [dev] The process granularity flow data gathering of BonusComputing nodes is in progress. [90%]
  4. [dev] Design and development of computing task management interface for BonusComputing. [20%]
  5. [dev] Development of device data monitoring function for the BonusCloud’s console. [100%]


  1. [test] Test of the x86 for BonusNode. [50%]


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