Birthday of the Epitome of Feminine Virtues

“We are the Hojjaj-Allah (Proofs, Argumentation of God) over mankind, while our ancestress Fatema is Hojjat-Allah (Proof/Argumentation of God) over us.”
Every occasion has a cause and every celebration of that occasion has to have a sound basis.

We are celebrating “Mother’s Day” and “Women’s Week” in the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as in countries and societies where feminine qualities and motherhood are viewed from the standpoint of virtue with respect attached to the womankind as the basic builders of sound and healthy societies.

In sharp contrast to the decadent western and other irreligious cultures where women are considered carnal and commercial commodities, and days allotted to them, such as the so-called International Women’s Day that is marked on March 8 every year with farcical fanfare and without any sound basis or a paragon-par-excellence of virtue for ladies to mold their life upon, Islam has designated a lofty position for the daughters of Eve.

In view of its emphasis on morally-upright ladies from the beginning of creation, such as Sarah the wife of Prophet Abraham, Asiya the virtuous God-fearing wife of the tyrant Pharaoh, Mary the mother of Prophet Jesus, and Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWA) loyal wife of 25-long years Khadija “Omm al- Momineen” (Mother of all True Believers), Islam has designated the Lady of Paradise, Hazrat Fatema Zahra (SA), as “Seyyedat an-nisa al-alameen, min al-awwaleen wa’l-akhereen” (Noblest lady of the universe, from the beginning till the end), in order to serve as the exemplary daughter, the ideal wife, the model mother, and perfect teacher for the society.

How can mortals pen the merits of the Immaculate Daughter of the Almighty’s Last and Greatest Messenger, the Impeccable Wife of the Commander of all the True Believers, the Infallible Mother of the Leaders of the Youth of Paradise, and the Exceptional Teacher of all those girls and women eager to achieve feminine virtue as they strive towards the proximity of the Loving Creator of the universe!

No, the merits of the Lady who, along with her father, husband and sons, was created as a shaft of ethereal light by God, Who after due trial before granting her physical form in lineal descent from Adam and Eve, found her to be the pinnacle of faith, patience, virtue, gratitude, and wisdom, cannot even be enumerated by the celestial angels.

No wonder, according to her illustrious descendant, Imam Ja’far as-Sadeq (AS), God Almighty has said: “I have blessed her with more bounty than all of the Prophets, and have extracted from her Light Imams who will rise by My order and will guide the people towards Me, and I will make them caliphs (vicegerents) upon My (Planet) Earth…”

The “Tuffahat al-Firdows” (Apple of Paradise), Hazrat Fatema az-Zahra (SA), was conceived of the Heavenly Fruit that God granted Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) to eat during his Me’raj (ascension) to the highest points in the heavens and back again to Planet Earth in a fraction of a single night. (It is thus clear that the Me’raj was a physical journey transcending time and space, and certainly not a dream or spiritual ecstasy experienced by the Prophet, as the weak of faith conjecture.)

Thus, in view of these facts, the “Mercy unto the creation” whom God Willed should not have any surviving son and instead granted him the Radiant Zahra as “Kowthar” or the “Perennial Spring of Abundant Munificence”, through whom his progeny will continue till the end of the world, demonstrated to Muslims the worth of the Dignified Daughter to serve as the lasting practical example for all virtuous women.

The virtues of Hazrat Fatema (SA) are therefore not solely related to Paradise in afterlife or the Day of Judgment on when she will intercede in the Divine Court for the forgiveness of multitudes of the faithful who had erred, but ubiquitous in in the transient world, since she is the pivotal figure of the blessed group whom God calls “Ahl al-Bayt” in the holy Qur’an, and whose blessings cover all aspects of our life and faith.

“Indeed, Allah desires to keep away uncleanness from you Ahl al-Bayt, and preserve you thoroughly purified.” — (33:33)

Time and space do not permit me to go into details of this ayah or ayah 61 of Surah Aal-e Imran, on the revelation of which the Prophet took his daughter as the only female, along with her husband and two sons — and no one else besides — for the unique challenge of Mubahela with the Christians of Najran that marked the resounding triumph of Islam.

No doubt, the Redeemer of mankind, who will reappear in the end times as Imam Mahdi al-Qae’m to establish the global government of peace, prosperity and justice, will be the direct descendant of Hazrat Fatema az-Zahra (SA).

“Peace upon you O Daughter of him who is the Best of all creation;
Peace upon you O wife of the Wali of Allah and the Best of creation after the Messenger of Allah;
Peace upon you O Mother of Hasan and Husain, the Leaders of the Youth of Paradise.”

By: Seyyed Ali Shahbaz
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Congratulations on the Blessed Birthday of Hazrat Fatema az-Zahra (SA)