Why are people across the world chanting “Down with USA”?

imam khamenei

Is the U.S. supposed to solve the problems of the Iranian people? The U.S. itself is suffering from crises! Why do they not say so? This is being said by all important organizations around the world that have a say on such issues.

This is being said by the Americans, themselves: USA is suffering from crises. It has economic, international, political and moral crises. Today, the debts of the U.S. government are almost equal the gross domestic product of the entire U.S.! This is a sign of a great crisis, and this is being claimed by the economists.

They say that whenever a government’s debts get close to its GDP, that government is in crisis and that economy is a crisis-stricken economy. Today, America is in this situation. Its debts are close to 60-plus percent of its GDP.

Now, does it really want to help anyone? On the contrary, it wants to suck up others’ resources so that it can help itself. So, will it come to help the economy of another country? These were the reasons for the inaccuracy of the second notion in terms of economy.

In terms of politics too, they are in crisis. I tell you with complete confidence that if a people spark an uprising against a dictator, a government, and a regime, anywhere, their motto would be “Down with USA” There is no exception.

At one time, the chanting of “Down with America” was particular to our country. However, today, the main slogans of all people who stage uprisings in West Asia, in East Asia, in Europe, in Latin America, and in Africa are against America. This is the political situation that America is in. Is there any type of crisis worse than this?

The U.S. had some plans for the Western Asian region. You might not remember this. Of course, this did not happen a long time ago, but the youth might not know of those days in any case. The American secretary of state, at the time, said they want to create “The Greater Middle East.”

She mentioned “The Greater Middle East” on the issue of Lebanon and the 33-day war. What does “The Greater Middle East” mean? They refer to the West Asian region as the Middle East. “The Greater Middle East” refers to a region extending from Pakistan to the Mediterranean region. It means that all the countries that are located in this region are Middle Eastern countries.

The United States of America had formulated a general plan for the whole of this region so that it could keep all those countries in its grasp, with Israel playing a pivotal role. That was the reason for “The Greater Middle East.” Today, “The Greater Middle East,” that the secretary of state had devised, has reached a point where they have become desperate on issues regarding Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and North Africa.

On the issue of Libya, they have gotten stuck so deep in mud. As for the issue of Yemen, they entered the arena, but they have become desperate now. This is the political-international situation of America. Is there a crisis worse than this? Does that country want to come to your aid? Is that country supposed to solve the problems of our country?

But we are in the opposite condition. Thank God! This is God’s doing. It is God’s mercy that gave courage, insight, and resistance to the people of Iran so that they would endure the many problems.

The pious men and women managed to act in a way that they have made the people of the Middle East proud of Iran. Iran is a brilliant country in Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon, in Yemen, in the Persian Gulf region and wherever you look. However, they are in crisis in terms of their economy. They are in crisis in terms of politics. They are in crisis in international terms. They are in crisis in terms of morality.

November 2, 2016

Source : khamenei.ir