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Being a Software Engineer, I always had this idea to have some kind of element on my personal website which not only showcases my skills but also gives it a bit of “nerd” touch. So, I went ahead and built a static Terminal having custom commands.

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This React component is also published as an NPM package for anyone who wants to add it to their app.

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Install it using NPM npm install react-terminal or YARN yarn add react-terminal.


Just declare the commands object (key-value pair where value can be either a string or callback) and pass it as props to the…

Last week I decided to enable dark mode on my personal website. But instead of keeping just dark mode, or keeping a toggle between normal and dark, I decided to keep it smart, and automatically switch between the modes based on browsers preference.

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Dark Mode Auto Switch based on System Preference

Using CSS media — prefers-color-scheme

The prefers-color-scheme is used to detect if the content is requested to use a light mode or dark mode. It has one of the following values:

  1. no-preference: Indicates that the user has made no preference known to the system.
  2. light: Indicates that the user has notified the system that they prefer a page that has a light theme (dark text on light background). …

And so it ended up and ended up well. Around 23000 coders from all around the world participated in the 2015 Code Jam Qualification round which took place online on 11th April.

Overall there were four problems arranged from easy level to somewhat intermediate level. I solved small sets for all the four problems and large sets for the first two and ended up @ 2282 world rank with some penalties.

Problem A. Standing Ovation
Here the shyness level of each person is given and that he/she won't stand until other Si audience have already stood up. …


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