Why did I add a Terminal on my website (and how you can do it too)?

Bony Roopchandani
Jan 11 · 2 min read
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Being a Software Engineer, I always had this idea to have some kind of element on my personal website which not only showcases my skills but also gives it a bit of “nerd” touch. So, I went ahead and built a static Terminal having custom commands.

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This React component is also published as an NPM package for anyone who wants to add it to their app.

Show me the details


Install it using NPM npm install react-terminal or YARN yarn add react-terminal.


Just declare the commands object (key-value pair where value can be either a string or callback) and pass it as props to the component:

import { ReactTerminal } from "react-terminal";

function MyComponent(props) {
// Define commands here
const commands = {
whoami: "jackharper",
cd: (directory) => `changed path to ${directory}`

return (

Also, make sure to wrap the application mount point around TerminalContextProvider. This retains the state even when the component is unmounted and then mounted back:

import { TerminalContextProvider } from "react-terminal";


For a full list of props, please check the readme.



If you found a bug in this library, please file a GitHub issue here.

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