Part of my story

My life was hit hard in 2015. I received my first jail time. It was only 72 hours oh boy but it was an eye opener. I have never felt lower or more in need of things I did not have. I felt teased, insulted and threatened. Teased because I was submitting to somebody else’s rule wether I liked it or not. Thankfully it was a little slap on the wrist and I was able to mingle my way back into society without having to mention this embarrassment to anyone except for my PARENTS.

I come from a big family with conservative ideologies. When your son gets locked up in my family ohh thats as bad as it can get with them.

2016 — I was really hoping it would be a fresh start with the new year and all — it was not.

Long story short I got arrested again, this time in my own country as I was arriving at the airport. Apparently I was evading my duty to the country and I did not serve in the military as I was supposed to. I got arrested, convicted and I served 6 months in prison. I am a fairly educated person who does not like to brag but I am also a MD. I spent my 6 months eating and sleeping next to murderers, drug dealers, thieves and everything you can think of a person can do wrong was in there with me.

I learnt how to deal with these people. I have seen a dimension parallel to our universe which is called prison. You can not enter it at your own will and when you do enter it, you do not leave at your will either. It does not exist unless you are in it and when you are in it everything else ceases to exist. I have had a trip and adventure if you may call it. Every negative thing that has happened I turned it around to be something positive. I learnt how to see a lesson in every experience. No matter how many times you fall you can always pick yourself up. Just do not lay there too long and forget where you were going.

This is a really short version of my story without much details since this is my first article.

I would really like some feedback and let me know if anyone has any questions I can answer.

Thanks for reading!