The woman who will never get married.

Boobs and a Job interview #2

Boobs and a Job is a project started by Erika Strong and Fiona Rupert. We’re trying to understand how online dating is affecting the lives and perspectives of women, and are interviewing 200 women in the San Francisco area. We’ll be sharing real stories every week, which have been edited and condensed for clarity.

Jude G is a 18 year old woman who studies Psychology. This is her story.

“Online sometimes I feel like a shallow asshole” — Jude G.

I’ve been on Tinder for about two or three months. It’s been a pretty positive experience. I have met a lot of cool people from different countries, and different industries. A few Fridays ago, there was this back packer from Australia, he was staying with a friend in San Francisco. He’s 24 and forgot that 18 year old’s can’t go into bars in California, so we ended up just hanging out in different parts of downtown all night from 11 to 5 am. We were are the Bay Bridge just enjoying the view and talking all night. If anything Tinder has just made me explore San Francisco more.

If they swipe right on me, and we match, then he thinks I am pretty, so that’s not what I have to worry about.

I will never get married. Growing up with a single mom, of course it has it’s struggles, but overall it was just great. I only had to deal with one parent, and having a smaller family just seemed so much easier. And, I felt like other people with both parents just didn’t have as great a time as us for some reason. Maybe it came from that, maybe it’s that I am not into anything commitment wise.

I kinda always felt like if I have one life, and I want to spend it on myself, and not so much have to invent time in another person.

But I do feel like I have been able to open myself up a lot more to other people rather than just be like, oh no, he looks creepy. It’s really hard, but I think that is the fun of it, to be able to meet a person and actually see how they really are. It changes so much from the profile, even with texting or emailing, someone has a completely different personality. The impression people give online always just seems to they are just trying to be like the coolest person ever, like they have photos of them jumping off a cliff into a lake or holding a baby tiger or something and it just seems so ridiculous to me. I am like, okay cool, you like to adventure, but I can’t see your face in any of these pictures.

I feel like you just have to be as whole-hearted as you can be on something as distant as online dating.

Online Dating Apps are most definitely affecting how we understand modern love. I feel like sometimes people are looking at online dating and saying oh it’s not genuine, it’s not real, it shallow, it’s fake. But honestly, I feel like putting the effort into online dating, even if it’s something as basic as tinder, if anything its more of a commitment.

It’s kind of creepy if you just go up to people now and start asking questions, maybe not in San Francisco. But I feel like now is just another way of meeting people. It’s the same as into someone on the street.

I don’t really think this new form of dating has a big enough impact on society to revolutionize anything. If anything it’s more of a result of the big change of the age of information where we have all of this new technology, it’s not so much like a change in itself. It’s kind of like the aftermath of something bigger.

-Jude G

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