Medium: Just another alias for /dev/null

Go ahead, tell yourself you’re special.

I’ve been playing around on Medium for several weeks, reading all the articles about what a great place it is for readers and writers to have a melding of the minds.

Get over it. It’s a version of pastebin with more typographical control but far less interesting content.

It’s not totally useless, though. It’s more anonymous than Whisper. Anything you say goes straight into the void. You can tell people that you’d have killed yourself by now if you didn’t have your sons. You can tell about how a boss-”friend” ass-raped you and left your life in tatters because you got seriously ill. You can talk about how you haven’t talked with your best friend in two years and don’t imagine you’ll ever talk with her again because her life is just too damn busy to fit you into it.

Type yourself blue. Vent. Just don’t think you’re reaching anyone .

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