Why Libertarians Are Against Net Neutrality
The Great Unlocking

“The libertarian model doesn’t want large centralized power — that’s the whole point — it doesn’t want centralized power at all.”

Agreed. I am a longtime libertarian, but I think the old model of “Big Government vs Innocent Business” no longer makes sense in a world where some businesses have more centralized global power than many governments. My claim is that cows have left the barn, i.e., Big Telecom has an anti-competitive advantage that can’t be removed by simply shrinking government. Today’s libertarians are merely removing [things like] antitrust regulations, but keeping [things like] nanny-state patent protections and taxpayer subsidization of legal/military protection. The goal of Big Business is to capture the state, and then remove the last remaining regulatory impediments to their monopolies. They do this by weaponizing a dated model of Libertarianism, which holds that without government, the anti-competitive power of Big Business will dissolve, and natural competition will return. This is the story told by their Think Tanks and media assets, and it has the effect of eliminating parts of the State which impede their monopolies. If you think this won’t happen, you are underestimating the end-game of profit maximization, which seeks a situation where rent can be charged without cost or risk. On this model, your opinion isn’t an analytical tool, it’s their biggest weapon, respectfully.

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