The Birth of the Career Mode Blog

With FIFA 17 coming to a close, partnered with my keenness to start this project. A trial career mode featuring ‘Ajax’ is where it will begin. This “trial run” will give you all a snippet into what is to come when FIFA 18 is released.

These posts will consist of the ins & outs; comings & goings, as well as the highs & lows of running a football club…FIFA style. 
In depth analysis of the league and its participants performances; transfer news; on & off the pitch player antics, as well as all the ‘nitty gritty’, day to day, running's of the chosen football club.

Be apart of the team.

We decide who comes.

We decide who goes.

We decide who plays.

We decide who’s shunned.

We are the team.

We are the staff.

We are…booked.