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Great post … and a positive shift to creative, well-researched long reads of the type that people appreciate and find time to devour. You have a good back catalogue to give you confidence that you fit very much into The Hand and Eye quality bucket … I spent the day yesterday soaking up the wisdom and experience of david hieatt on his newsletter workshop — it is all about excellence … sourcing, curating, creating, sharing but with the bar at its highest. You’d love the course — check out dates on the Do Lectures site.

I’m at the point where I have belatedly realised that my blog is a vanity project particularly when my creativity needs to be invested into writing for The High Street Delicatessen.

I’ve never made it to the point where brands sought me out (though a writing gig ‘paid’ in gin made me feel VERY good about life in general!) … but our job at the shop is to unearth stories, of products, producers and provenance … the more we share them, the better it is for the food sector, an exciting area to write about; and way more value than my blogging ‘fripperies’.

Looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you.