The Movement to Elect Charles Booker Moves Online

Charles Booker
Mar 24 · 3 min read

All campaign staff and volunteers are fully remote, but our people-powered movement to elect Charles Booker expands amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Colin Lauderdale, Campaign Manager

This is a trying time for every Kentuckian and every American. We’ve all changed our lives in the past few weeks. We’re all living with uncertainty, and all anticipating that the news will get worse. Even under these circumstances, Charles Booker’s campaign for United States Senate is committed to winning a brighter, more prosperous future for all Kentuckians.

For the safety of our campaign staff and every single family, we have adapted our campaign plan and moved all of our campaign operations online. We are spreading Charles Booker’s bold progressive message directly to Kentuckians on phones and via text, email, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (and even TikTok).

In a campaign in which we fully expect to be outspent in the primary and the general election, we’ve always known that our strength is in our people: the normal, everyday, working Kentuckians who want to see an economy that works for them, and a Senator who elevates their voices and fights by their side.

The pandemic changes how people can support us, but it doesn’t change their support. Since moving our operations to fully remote one week ago, hundreds of Kentuckians have signed up to volunteer remotely with the Booker campaign. On our first evening of being quarantined, campaign volunteers placed calls to 5,261 Kentucky voters.

Every day, our campaign is speaking with hundreds and thousands of Kentuckians, spreading Charles’ message: Healthcare is a human right. Our children and grandchildren deserve a livable planet. Our country needs a Universal Basic Income to end the generational poverty that burdens so many Kentucky families. In this moment, and especially now, we all must lock arms and stand together. If you want to become a part of this movement, even as it moves online, please join us here.

Even with the help of our committed volunteers and grassroots supporters, the new reality of virtual outreach costs money. It feels strange to ask for donations at a time when some folks are losing their jobs. Unfortunately, this pandemic does not make our goal of removing Mitch McConnell from office any less urgent. It’s a harsh reality that political campaigns require money. Ours comes mainly from working people giving what they can in small amounts. The average donation to our campaign is $26.45. We aren’t taking dark money, we aren’t selling out, and we are fully accountable to you, the people. If you are among those who are in a position to give, please contribute to our campaign.

The COVID-19 pandemic changes the daily life of every single Kentuckian, but it only strengthens our resolve that Kentucky — and America — needs change. We need a social safety net that protects people when disaster strikes and works to end structural inequity; that’s why we support a Universal Basic Income. Kentucky has some of the poorest health indicators in the country, and people with underlying health issues are more susceptible to COVID-19. That’s why we advocate for Medicare for All. The pandemic has made it clear: we need a government that takes care of us. And to have that, we need a Senator who will fight for us. If that’s what you want, then join us. From at least six feet away.