If you’re over 25, you’re probably wrong about Generation Z.

“Teens have figured out that there’s nothing fundamentally less capable about a teenage brain than an adult one.”

This is a false statement. The prefrontal cortex doesn’t finish developing until around age 25. In case that doesn’t ring a bell, that’s the thing that makes us human. That’s the part of the brain where your personality lives. It’s responsible for decision making and moderating social behavior.

The problem isn’t this specific generation. The problem is “teenagehood” itself. Teenagers have always believed that no one in history has ever experienced what they’ve experienced, thought what they’ve thought, felt what they’ve felt. Every new batch of teenagers has believed that THEY were the first ones to figure out how the world works, it’s just that technology keeps allowing each successive generation to be louder about it than the last. SJW feminist? Alt-right memelord? From where I’m sitting they look exactly the same, just ignorant teenagers who don’t have the cognitive capacity to comprehend their own ignorance.

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