Avoid the Wrong Mirrors

A better perspective than poverty.
Forever bathed in glory.
Renowned for it’s culture.
Irrigation made it grow.
Cancer made it fall.
Awesome, Oh Awesome it was,
A different reflective of presence,
So Avoid the wrong mirrors,
It’s not that the silver base isn’t right,
Maybe right for certain spectrums,
The different levels of light,
That make you see us as a delinquency,
Let’s avoid bad blood,
For you reap with me,
We reap together,
On the harvest,
A harvest predicated on flows,
A harvest predicated on levels,
A harvest of listening,
To feeling,
To believing,
To understanding the clear blood,
The elixir of life,
How great,
Building up a great base to reach it,
Doing it without a boat,
Looking into oneself,
Pulling understanding
It is I that is not a team,
No other lines as it stands tall,
Hitting the base won’t dent it,
the foundation,
the real started from the bottom
not that fake stuff.
fake rhymes with…
you would think we would still fall,
But we are still here,
We Say “Got ‘em!”
We are still here,
For you stand corrected,
hence “Got’em!”
We are amongst you,
Ever present in your arrogance,
A cloud bubble floats above my head,
For you think you secretly control the rain,
A secret we didn’t have to ask you,
For it is a weak reflection,
A loathing Craft,
For we had mirrors too,
They raised perspective of you,
but they weren’t made of silver,
More legendary than the fountain of youth,
A crack that leaped into your subconsciousness,
Never cracking under precious like silver,
Lodgings in fort knox,
Melt it down,
Bury it deep,
The legend lives on
A legend never to be told.
Avoid the wrong mirrors,
It’s no secret they are backed by silver,
Avoid the Wrong mirrors,
It’s no secret ours can’t be cracked,
Avoid the wrong mirrors,
Avoid them,
For the value of our mirror backing,
The value which they covet,
The value from the earth,
All other societies immature to handle,
And to everyone else who don’t know,
We are still LENDING a helping hand,
Bored of the continued challenge,
So JUST is will leap,
To reap what we sew,
For we are not better,
And you too are great as well,
We acknowledge this,
Coupled with acknowledgement,
That your thoughts of supremacy,
Are heavy heart insecurities,
This is not new,
But now that I avoid the wrong mirrors
Question is,
Are you a Jordan without a sole?

Ricardo Yusef Medley