Maybe, at the time.
Ron Collins

As usual, you make good points.

But the 60’s were followed by the 70s. Those pink shirts, bell bottoms, bad haircuts, etc. are examples of what I said about consumer capitalism co-opting everything. And fast.

What drove the initial wave of personal debt in the 70’s was inflation caused by Nixon’s abandonment of the Breton Woods agreement in 1973. House prices skyrocketed (along with commodity prices), mortgage interest rates went above 15%. Then, magically, unsecured credit cards became available. (Financiers can turn a profit on even hard times.) Not for everyone at first, but for anything that breathed eventually. This, I think, led to our current “debt as a way of life.”

Now we have media so pervasive that anything new is old when it becomes public. The digital hive mind absorbs and degrades all. That’s what passes for reality now. Actually, it is reality now.

Without taxes, there is no government. I like the ring of that, but most people can’t imagine it. Plus, people like getting money from the government, as long as only they get it. My benefit is your entitlement.

I agree with much you say, but I have zero hope that much will change until the whole mass of debt becomes unsustainable and the economies of the world collapse. That won’t be much fun at all.

At this moment, The Lords of Creation own the US and the world. Things will continue on as long as they can figure out ever more ways to shore up the house of cards and make money doing so.

I put a reference to you in the poem I posted today. Can you find it? :)

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