This is a bit odd, because I never actually had a stash of Playboy. I was too poor to buy it and the huge breasted, airbrushed, faux girl next door look was not a turn on for me. I had… other tastes.

But, of course, all of my friends did own them. Perhaps their fathers did too. I don’t know. Playboy was part of the atmosphere of the time, like air. I never gave it any thought.

At 14 or 15, girls were just pleasant abstractions to me. That was in 64 and 65. The sexual revolution hadn’t made its way to PA yet. When I was 16, I discovered girls in the flesh, and became even less interested in pictures.

But as I said, I have not one memory of ever talking with any girl about Playboy or any other magazine. Not even later in the 60s when things became much more open.

Certainly you are better qualified to know what they thought than I was or am.

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