The Mystery of Medium’s Lit Page
Jack Preston King

This is no surprise and probably a sign of worse to come. Lit, especially poetry and fiction, just can’t help Medium regardless what business model they decide on. Too small of an interest group.

For example. About 95% of what I post is poetry. I have 2,800 followers, which amazes me. But many article writers have well over ten thousand followers. Tells you where the market is.

Although there are exceptions, My poems tend to get between 50 and 150 views each. My read ratio is about 75%. I average about 1,000 views per day. (Rough averages. I don’t watch stats much.) Again, that’s all fine with me and amazes me. But I have seen many articles with hundreds of recommendations which indicates they must get thousands of views. Again, shows you what the market is.

I know poetry is the hardest sell of all. I consider myself successful on Medium. But to the Medium machine, I can’t be much more than an irritating insect. Certainly, I don’t help them build their brand.

I’m guessing this is true for Lit as a whole. If so, it is only logical that Medium will expend no energy promoting it, and may well decide to dispense with it altogether.

Please, convince me I’m mistaken.