Bookiebot: The Roadmap

2 min readDec 1, 2023


As we are coming out of beta shortly, we wish to formalize the roadmap going forward. This is a significant undertaking for us to push this telegram web app out, as we needed to make it interoperable with both Azuro and Overtime. The silver lining, it makes a few things easier to hit on this roadmap.

Phase 1

Coming out of beta is key. To this point, we have done greater than $2.25M in betting volume, with a bare bones telegram user experience. That all changes here.

Some of the features with this new update:

  • Easily add/remove different legs from parlays
  • Quickly go between different games
  • Easily bridge between Ethereum, Polygon and Optimism
  • Pay gas fees with USDT removing the need to hold MATIC

Phase 2

Live betting represents 70%+ of sports betting volume in the world. Azuro is building out support for live betting this quarter, which will be a first for onchain sports betting. We will be integrating this pivotal feature around a month after the new UI is released.

To uncomplicate the live betting experience, we will be implementing a stablecoin pool to pay for gas fees on polygon. That way users will be able to live bet without having to worry about having enough Matic. More on this later.

Phase 3

Bookiebot is the leading telegram betting app as it currently stands. But what if we expand, aggressively?

Progressive Web App — Easily download a standalone mobile app to your device, separate from telegram. Opening up Bookiebot to those who do not use telegram.

Casino Integration — Upgrading the gamification of Bookiebot, capturing more user attention. Never let your money rest, never be bored in between sports games. Featuring classic casino games like Coin Flip, Roll The Dice and Plinko among others.


This roadmap only includes up to Q1 of 2024. We certainly have more planned, and cannot wait to share when the time is right.


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