Chasing the Atlantic Swell

Office life has never really been our thing, and it sure isn’t that of our customers. We were on the road for the first 3 years of Bookinglayer’s existence, meeting clients and taking in feedback to build the first version of our software.

Staying true to our company’s philosophy, we are packing up our urban lives, selling our possessions and hitting the road on a European surf trip for the next 5 months.

This is our travel plan:

Bookinglayer Roadtrip Europe 2016
* flexible dates
Pyrenees: September 17-September 23
Les Landes & Basque Country: September 24-October 2 *
Galicia: October 3-October 18 *
Oporto: October 18
Azores: October 19-November 7
Lisbon: November 8-11
Morocco: November 13-December 23
Barcelona: January 2-January 13
Sardinia: January 14-February 3

If you are a surf shack owner and we are coming through your town, please drop us a line on Twitter (@bookinglayer) or send us an email ( we will come and share some waves, laughs and business insights. We also are seriously flexible with our destinations and time schedules, as long as we have an internet connection we can survive anywhere!

We’re also reaching out to other pilgrims of the swell who are able to do their work from the road. We understand the difficulties of getting work done from the road and outside of city conveniences — so in each spot we will document our base camps, good wifi spots, etc. and hope to meet some other digital nomads along the way.

“ We believe that work and fun should be a blurred line, that there is a way for business and lifestyle to co-exist and that doesn’t sacrifice quality in either arena. We actively seek to go against the norm of common work practices because we believe there is a fundamental issue with the modern world of capitalism. We embrace travel and employee freedom, and we try as much as possible to practice what we preach to break free from the computer screen and spend time surfing, yoga-ing, or with loved ones.”
Read our full mission statement here
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