Container Removals DIY style!!

In the earlier topics we have talked about how shipping containers are been used in down under for storage & transport across Australia wide! thanks for the great response we have received for the knowledge we shared last few weeks about changes which are happening in the Australian transport industry. Last week we had Victorian government taking some strong measures on the victorian transporting industry by banning trucks in some of the busiest road of Melbourne 24/7 which kind of came as a shock to many companies which are operating locally and country wide. We are expecting the Australian truck industry is going to react in harsh way as anticipated , local trucks are main source of income for many small business owners.

Although this would not happen right away , once the west gate tunnel project finishes government has ordered the officials to put these restrictions on , we still need to see how the industry reacts . Mr Robert from Container Removals Australia who are leaders in DIY shipping containers moving interstate mentioned that this came as a welcome change as from long ago on the main roads of Melbourne traffic is a major headache! one of the prime reasons for this year road accidents are involving trucks , plenty of people voiced it out last year as well during the victorian elections , one of the major election promise for labour government is to fix these road and traffic problems which are been going on for long time.

Also Robert feels that instead of using these big companies for even smaller jobs can solve the problem to certain extent. As many of the residents and small businesses are not aware of how the transport system has evolved in the recent past with the evolved technology providing options for the end users , example gone those days of using a full service transport company to move a piece of furniture for local or interstate moving. Now we have options of choosing a DIY container moving company for finishing the job for you at half a price in much faster time. As we know , these big companies usually take lot of time to execute the job as they have many jobs in line. Small DIY moving companies are different , they can finish the jobs on demand as they are not having to deal with problems of being overstaffed etc.

These DIY moving companies usually take jobs from small to large despite of the price they quote , they usually charge as per the distance they need to move and you can save money on packing , loading and unloading . As you dont need to use extra work force to perform these jobs , their method is simple , they deliver the container , load the furniture and they deliver it to the right address. These companies usually offer moving insurance as well to secure your goods during the transit. So instead of a total ban , educate the customer to choose the companies who does it in sustainable way than the biggies!

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