Tips For Those Moving To New Neighbourhood

Moving to a new home is an experience that comes with many challenges and making friends is one of them. When you move to a new place, you don’t have your accustomed best friends to have a good time with or lean on when things go wrong. This can make it really hard for you to adapt to this new environment.

On the other hand, trying to make new friends in your new neighbourhood that you have not lived before , can be intimidating since these people had established their social structure without you. However, instead of thinking of what you have lost in terms of friends, you can think of this as an opportunity to gain a whole new set of friends. Although this may seem quite hard at first, there are some strategies that you can use to establish friendships with the new residents in your new neighbourhood. With that, here are the ways!

1. Introduce Yourself

During the first day of your interstate move, chances are that some people will come to great you. They might have probably seen the mover truck or a shipping container loaded with furniture sitting in your front yard and are just curious who their new neighbour is. Whatever reason that have come there for, take it as an opportunity to make your first friends. Break the ice with a joke, have a friendly attitude, and introduce yourself no matter tired or bored you feel.

2. Throw a Housewarming Party

After moving interstate, you will probably be feeling tired from all the stress and chaos of moving. Nonetheless, this should not prevent you from throwing a party and having some fun with your new acquaintances. Apart from helping you meet new friends, organizing a small housewarming party will also help distract you from the endless daunting tasks that you have to complete. You can choose to ask everyone in person or make it more fun by using hand-written invitation in their mail-boxes.

3. Suggest After-Work Happy Hour

Your colleagues are some of the first people that you will become friends with in your new neighborhood. For that reason, try as much as possible to get to know these people that you will be interacting with every single day. This will not only make work more enjoyable, but it will also be the beginning of very strong friendships. You can try and come up with activities like after-work happy hours and enjoy each other’s company as you get to know each other more.

4. Use Your Dog and kids

If you have kids or a dog, that’s another great way of meeting other dog lovers and people with kids. You can take your dog to a park and any other dog-friendly spots in your neighborhood where you are likely to meet other animal lovers. If you have children, use them to find other parents after-school activities.

5. Get Online

Although the internet isn’t the best place to make friends, there are some few good websites that can be of great help when you move to a new neighborhood. A good website to try is which allows you to join groups that meet regularly around your city. Just look up for a group that is doing something that you are interested in and sign up for alerts whenever they are hosting a new meetup. You can also join Nextdoor which is an online network that helps neighbors to share various community events and ideas.

6. Take a Class or Join a Team

Joining teams and classes is a great way to meet new people and foster friendship. If you play a sport, look for a league in your neighborhood that you can join. If you are a bookworm, you can meet new people by joining a book club or library-promoted activity. You will find that most libraries have book clubs and other fun activities for adults with some regular attendees.


At first, making new friends can seem like the scariest part of your interstate home move. However, you have to remind yourself that they were also in the same position as you are in when they first moved to that neighbourhood. Hence, just take the first steps, be the neighbour you always wanted, and everything else will fall into place.