Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg

(Warning: this book is the sequel to Girl Online. If you have not read it but want to, this may give away things from the first book!) Oh my goodness, guys!!! This book was ahhhmazing! I loved getting to know Penny and Noah more as Penny tagged along that summer to his tour in Europe (so jealous!!). This book made me feel so excited and then so sad that I didn’t want to turn another page, but I had to (hopefully you understand that feeling). Without giving too much away from this awesome book, let me tell you what the plot is!!!


Eighteen-year old and “rock-god-tastic” Noah Flynn invites sixteen-year old Penny to come with him on his tour in Europe during summer break for two weeks. Penny is so pumped for the opportunity to visit Europe and hang out with Noah more. But things get complicated when a person steals Penny’s phone and starts emailing her to stop dating Noah, or else…. Penny has no way of knowing who this person is, but the stakes become high when the person threatens to expose Elliot and his boyfriend out to the public.

To make matters worse, Noah can’t seem to find any time to spend with lonely Penny. Penny knows how much of a big deal and great experience this is for Noah, but she can’t help feeling left out and ignored. Will Noah and Penny be able to hold on to their love, or will this tour ultimately change them both for the better? Who is the mysterious blackmailer and can they be stopped before it’s too late?

My Opinion:

Oh my goodness! Ummmmmmm give me the third book now!! Good thing it’s already out!!! If you don’t like cliffhangers, you’re in luck! You can get both now and just read ‘em back to back! Okay, back to my opinion on this book. I loved that Penny became more mature and seemed to get over her anxiety. She got over the pressures of people pushing into her life and discovered that her identity wasn’t defined in how others viewed her. Noah got sucked deep into the world of fame. I felt sorta bad for him. He didn’t even realize what was happening.

Penny made new friends too though! The so-called “ex-girlfriend of Noah” Leah Brown grew close to Penny as she was on tour with them as well. I loved hearing them get close and hearing Leah give Penny advice about how this world of fame works. I don’t want to leave out Elliot, who was so witty and nerdy in this book as well. He would text Penny while she was in Europe, giving her as many facts as he could about famous places in Europe she was hoping to visit on Magical Mystery Day (a day of exploration with one Mr. Noah Flinn). Overall, this book was great! I can’t say I was thrilled to read about Elliot and his boyfriend, but it did add depth to the story.


If y’all don’t know, the third book has officially been released! I meant to publish this before it had, but oh well! The third book is called Girl Online, Going Solo, and I’m sooooo excited to read it. It was released November 17. Oh, and here’s a lil clue about the book. The pictures on the cover mean something to the story, so go ahead and guess away! Here’s the cover if you’re interested!

Sorry we haven’t posted anything in awhile! But now it’s break, so we’ll try and blog some more! Hope y’all are having a good Thanksgiving!

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