The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel

Ah, yes. Yet another book that I finished in a day because I was A) procrastinating studying for a test and B)the story-line practically absorbed me. I love it when that happens. So pull up a chair, folks, and let me tell you about The Book of Ivy.


Ivy, her sister Callie, and her father live in a post-war America, in a town hemmed in by a fence to protect them from what’s outside. Her family is the Founder’s family, one of two sides of a bitter feud for power. The time is finally right for her family return to power and return their city to democracy. To do so, she must marry Bishop, the son of the man who killed her mother, and then kill him.

Her family assures her that this is the only way to restore their city. But as time goes on and she gets to know Bishop, she begins to question what her family is telling her. Bishop is nothing as she expected, and that throws her world into a tailspin. Still, as she looks around at her city, she cannot help but to admit that something is flawed about it. But is the path her family insists she take the only way to fix it?

My Opinion (watch for spoilers):

Ohhhhhh myyyyy goooodnesssss. I CANNOT wait for the next book. Seriously. Let’s talk about the characters:

Ivy: OK, she sounds really cool. She thinks for herself and acts mature while still being relatable to me because she makes mistakes (that particular characteristic is very relatable to me :) ). She is loyal and loving, especially towards her family.

Bishop: Well, he is the guy for me: tall, dark, and handsome. Green eyes. Wow. He’s kind, thoughtful, and slow to anger. He, too, is flawed and makes mistakes. Sometimes he’s too quiet for his own good (which kinda reminds me of me, tbh).

Callie (Ivy’s sister): EW. I hate her. She only cares about herself and revenge for her mother’s death. She has no qualms about using Ivy to further herself and her plan. Just… ew.

There are many more characters (some delightful, some not). I really enjoyed the depth of the characters and how deeply they made me feel the conflict on the story. One character in particular, named Victoria, I really liked. She had been through some heartache, but was still tough and was nearly a mentor to Ivy. Even though she was a relatively minor character, she was very real and honest in my view.

Bishop and Ivy’s love story is now one of my favorites. It wasn’t love at first sight, but it also wasn’t hate that suddenly turns into lust and then somehow into love. It was natural and eye-opening, which I enjoyed.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book because it really made me consider the concept of loyalty, and how it (should) go hand-in-hand with trust. It made me think about love and how stunningly breathtaking it is. (Honestly though, that might just be because I love love stories. They’re just so cute! *internal fangirling*)

Anyway, that’s all we’ve got for now. If this has been helpful, or if we’ve misrepresented any information, please comment below. If you’ve enjoyed this or have read this book as well, feel free to tap that ❤. We’ll have more coming up soon!