Book of Lessons Pt 2

As promised here is the continuation of the series.

Today I am going to rewrite from a journal entry I did on 10/14/2014

Book of lessons part 4 Old Generations

The older generations that came before us consist of our parents, their parents, and so on. These generations grew up in a much different time where ideas where different and ways of thinking were especially not what they are today. Even customs are different, but that’s not what the issue that we deal with in terms of older generations.

Today the older generations that hold near and dear to the old ways of thinking and have these old prejudices are the ones who pose a threat. Examples of this come from people such as my mother who hold onto ideals from years ago which makes it harder to explain newer ideas and concepts.

What annoys me the most about some of the older generation is that they don’t want to educate themselves at all. Sure you can spend hours and hours talking until you turn blue but that may not get you anywhere.

But notice that there are some who do listen and continue to learn even though they grew up in a different time period. I have encountered a few that I used to work with at an assisted living home. I told them about my sexuality and they wanted to know more, but more importantly they were accepting right off the bat.

Look at the people who you know and come into contact with and really think about what generation they come from and what ideas they hold, they could surprise you.

Until next time.