Injunction Junction What’s Your Function — Part 5

This week ( week of December 15, 2016) is the week to file my motion to appeal the one year injunction that has been placed on me.

It will cost $10,000 and will take about a year to navigate through the San Francisco court system, and there is no guarantee the injunction will be lifted. Since it takes a year, and the injunction is for only a year, it seemed a waste of money and a waste of time and emotional energy. This is our democracy at work, set up to keep you from defending your freedoms.

I could probably afford the cost (if I set up a gofundme account or reached out to family) despite the fact that I live below the poverty line, but what of other innocents out there that cannot? They become enslaved and chained to a system emboldened by corruption.

The emotional toll that has taken place has been a cancer on me. First, I was unlawfully locked out of my home, with all my possessions still inside, for nearly two months. The agony of not knowing if I would ever see all of my property and cherished items I’ve collected over a lifetime was a nightmare, literally. And, the vitriol and nastiness and lies as you read in Parts 1–4 had been a psychic attack on me like I’d never experienced before.

This was a horror film in slow motion as I witnessed my landlord/roommate who I paid rent to diligently and faithfully for 7 years decided, on a whim, to keep me from my home and threaten me with police action should I try to retrieve my belongings.

The person she conspired with, a troubled friend who I had given refuge many times over the 10 years I’ve known her as she faced eviction after eviction for whatever reason, both fabricated a detailed story and convinced the SF civil courts that I was to be restrained, and an injunction was placed on me. She has a history of throwing roommates, friends, employers under the bus of the civil system when she doesn’t get her way. She is a sociopath.

It was a mistake to ever let her in my life.

My mother had to fly in to San Francisco from out of state to help my fiance retrieve my property.

Never in a million years would I ever expect that such evil would exist in people I had grown to trust and who I had been there for in their times of need. I was a faithful tenant and friend. My former friend (sociopath) was an obsessed opportunist and my roommate/landlord was her enabler. She was going to take my lawful space by any means necessary and she duped my simple minded, also somewhat duplicitous elderly roommate into helping her.

I took to a blogging platform to detail my frustrations and horrors at the situation anonymously. The Sociopath presented these anonymous writings to the judge that I was “stalking” or “harassing” her. And the judge placed the injunction on me because of my anonymous writing, failing to even acknowledge that for months I had been actively living this anxiety ridden nightmare. He made a situation that was unbearable, practically unlivable by branding me a “criminal” and placing an injunction on me.

He was malicious. Knowing I am in fragile health, he made me suffer through an agonizing morning, as I watched case after case be presented to him. I was feeling increasingly ill as the hours passed by. Four hours of watching him flirt with his audience like he was some pandering talk show host, denying requests for restraining orders from people who actually needed them. For instance, one woman who was so poor that she had to wear glasses that were taped together, had her door kicked in by someone who looked like a self entitled techie. The slick techie of course could afford a lawyer. He was younger than her and stronger than her, and she was truly afraid and upset. The judge denied this poor woman the restraining order. One group of people, who had had to suffer the nasty outward and obvious stalking and attacks from a cocky neighbor were denied their restraining order. Every case that had proof that their lives were in danger or deeply affected by the plaintiffs were denied their requests for restraining orders.

Surely the Sociopath’s request would also be denied. For months she lied about me, was duplicitous in that she would pretend to be nice to me, and then secretly attack my character to my roommate/landlord, she created drama where there was none, which is her nature. She refused to pay me rent she promised. After I demanded the rent, she locked my door with all my possessions still inside, fabricating a story that I had entered my own home unlawfully. She attacked me through text messages when I tried to stand up for myself. She gave one sided “alternative facts” (lies) to garner sympathy and make her “case.”

All of this because of her insane desperation to gain control of my apartment. She presented “evidence” to the judge such as things like this. She went to my private blog and took a screenshot of a blog post, and the post was of this video:

I follow BMX tricks and I’m a fan of Pi

She and the judge had a conversation with each other, feeding off her manufactured hysteria and she would say things like “Oh my god, Judge! The crazy!” He would look concerned and say “I see. I see.” Then he turned to me and said, “Why did you write these things!” I had no idea what he meant. He opened his court room that morning with the statements, “A person’s constitutional protections take precedence and cannot be applied to the request for a restraining order.” By asking me “Why did I write this?” It was:

a. A clear indication that he ignored my evidence: letters from attorneys showing I had been unlawfully locked out of my home, filings with the Rent Board, character witnesses proving sociopath had locked me out and of course my own statement. He ignored all this evidence

b. Him acting like a lawyer, instead of an impartial judge. He went against the civic court’s own precedence and absolutely singled me out because of my writing

c. That he is an ambitious new judge, with a career objective, who is on record as saying he is very proud of being the first openly gay judge to be appointed to the bench and last but not least,

d. Has a history of targeting the First Amendment. Two cases show his hatred of Constitutional protections. Perhaps someone wrote something about him when he was a little boy and he is spending the rest of his life making the world pay. Like Donald Trump, he seemed petulant, spoiled and prone to tantrums.

After the injunction, I contemplated suicide. I was terrified for my safety and freedom. After all, I became so terrified of Sociopath’s threats after she had stolen my apartment and all my possessions, that I felt she would target my whereabouts, stalk me, call the police and set me up to be arrested for violating a stay away order. She has done this before. She would do it again. After all, I was so afraid of her I had attempted to file a restraining order on her but that same judge denied it. In retrospect, I realize the judge and the Sociopath had probably spoken before, with the collusion of my roommate/landlord, and like my mom said, had worked together to build a case against me probably around the time I requested a protective order from the sociopath. I had enough evidence from a former friend and former roommate of Sociopath, who both told me of her targeting them, and using the police to intimidate them. They were terrified of her. Of course I needed to be protected from her. She is a sociopath.

My mother and my fiance flew into action and stood up to the bullying landlord and former friend who were using the court system to ruin my life. Thoughts of ending my life evolved into a plan of action, which is to tell my story to anyone and everyone I can.

San Francisco is a City that makes fertile soil for sociopaths, narcissists and sycophants who live in desperate conditions, clinging to the fantasy of solvency and stability in a city where income disparity widens the gap and homelessness is at an all time high.

My next step is to file a formal complaint against the judge and work within the legal system to to file for damages due to being unlawfully locked out of my unit. To date, I haven’t decided if I want to go down that path. I’m not vengeful, but I’m also not weak.

Here is the video I did to describe the situation:


Now more than ever our constitutional protections are in a brittle, fragile state, dangling in the balance. Before he left office, Barack Obama inserted language into the National Defense Authorization Act that targets journalists. He has just handed this law over to an infantile, unstable megalomaniac.

Keep writing.

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