The Arrogance of Stupid

After sanctioning an illegal lock on my unit, with all of my possessions inside, which is in violation of a particular CA Civil Code, and after receiving two letters from attorneys reminding that lockouts are unlawful in the state of California, and wherein the attorneys list case after case of illegal lockouts, forcible detainer actions, etc., and after messages from me that indicate I have a rightful access to my unit, which still has all my belongings locked inside, my roommate (hereinafter referred to as Stupid) in her infinite wisdom posts this meme quote and tags the Sociopath and the Sycophant for no other reason than to antagonize, bait and have a good laugh at my expense.

The irony is not lost on me:

She feels superior for posting a Thomas Paine quote. Garsh, she really got me didn’t she? If she went to college and had a higher education, or even if she didn’t but at least had an interest in being higher minded, she would have taken a class in ethics. Ethics teaches that it is illegal to steal from people, but most importantly there is something called due process. Clearly she prefers Sociopaths and Sycophants over me. That’s fine. But if you want me out, youre going to have to follow due process. When you sanction a lock on your tenant’s unit because a Sociopath makes you pancakes and a Sycophant who has never paid rent in her life uses your apartment to live rent free to fund trips to Europe, a judge is going to look at it in disgust, especially when you are victimizing someone who did nothing to warrant the illegal lockout.

You’ve made a person who is unable to be gainfully employed due to a rare illness, homeless, Stupid.

No amount of accusations of me being mean and hurting feelings and writing mean things (where I’ve named no names by the way), will compel a judge to favor the stupid. They might simply say “If she is all those horrible things why didn’t you evict her? Why did you continue to accept her rent for 7 years?”

When Sociopath reneged on our agreement and went over my head to pay rent to Stupid because I called her out on her dicking me around (Imagine if I’d have done that. Hey Stupid ((roommate of 7 years)) you were mean to me and called me out on my crap today so I’m just not going to pay my rent- I would not have a place to live), Stupid was obligated to not accept the rent from Sociopath, and of course should have kept Sociopath from putting a lock on the door, if for no other reason than to keep herself legally out of it. Because unlike Stupid, I’m not Stupid, and if Sociopath was going to just stop paying me rent, I could have handled it cleanly and swiftly. But no… Stupid is about as stupid as they come.. All she had to do was say “I prefer Sociopaths and Sycophants. Here’s your eviction notice.” Who knows why people are stupid. Maybe they’re just too old to use logic, follow the law and be reasonable. They’re too old for that shit.

Even the police, and one of the lawyers said “I hope Stupid has a good attorney.”

Sociopath’s former roommate — sweet girl — dear God. What a mess that was. Sociopath leaves a pile of poo wherever she goes apparently. What a duplicitous sociopath she is. I’ll admit , when Socipoath was telling me about her roommate situation, before I became the next “situation”, I fell for it. I tried to help her. I even offered to take her to the rent board and show her how to protect herself from these mean and nasty roommates and neighbors. She declined. Now I know why. She sharpened her skills on them before taking a swipe at me.

The arrogance of Stupid is almost baffling to me. There is a disconnect with basic knowledge of the law, a disconnect with basic reasoning skills. It is literally like dealing with a toddler.

Every person I’ve spoken to in a position of authority who has knowledge about rental law, looks on in stunned silence as I tell them my personal possessions and every possession I own still remains behind a locked door without my consent. “This is an adult you’re talking about?” They ask.

The number one rental law in this country and most definitely in the state of California is a landlord or a master tenant may not ever lock a tenant out, or use someone else to lock a tenant out, even if that tenant was late on rent or never paid it, or a total nightmare. I was none of those things.

The only reason Stupid sanctioned Sociopath to lock me out was to fuck with me. That’s it. They just wanted to fuck with me. God knows why. They are gainfully employed, healthy and have great lives. It’s like being in the wild. The perceived weakest are always killed first.

Why would three women try to hurt me, when in every sense of the word I’ve done absolutely nothing to harm them? In fact, I was good to them. Stupid always received rent on time, no matter what my financial situation was, and I was tidy, respectful and not bothersome. Sycophant was given an opportunity to have actual legal tenancy if she would have just contributed toward household expenses, and Sociopath was in need of a place to stay and save a little money temporarily and I offered her some help. Not that I need to prove it to anyone, but I’m a deeply moral person, and proud of my morality. It’s the reason my boyfriend is with me, and it’s the reason my true friends still remain close and gather ranks around me. It’s the reason my family closes ranks. Our politics may be different but they recognize my morality and conviction.

The person I was seeing before my boyfriend and I met was someone I have deep respect for. He built me a little purple vintage Italian folding bike. He left me access to his condo in Indiana, upon his death. This is someone that saw the absolute worst side of me, but after we realized we would be better as friends, forgave my behavior, and taught me, in turn, how to forgive.

I only say all this because it seems Stupid, Sociopath and Sycophant are justifying the lockout based on my character. A character which, if you go by history, is not perfect, but certainly not so bad as to sanction an illegal lock on my rightful unit.

There is zero self reflection in them. No deep sense of accountability or sorrow for committing this pretty terrible act against me. Just this infantile grasp, like in some “Real Wives” episode, to go after my character or whatever. I can’t relate. I haven’t watched TV in years. I don’t get the Stupid drama.

Apparently Sycophant sent something to my boyfriend in the mail. When I asked him what it was, he said “Trump trying to go after the Onion.” That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard by the way. Donald Trump getting all huffy about an Onion article. Despite the fact that The Onion is satire, I guess Free Speech, and The First Amendment doesn’t mean anything to Trump. Maybe Sycophant is voting for Trump? He claims he wants to abolish Free Speech. Who knows what Syco was about. Most likely a continued need to be desperately relevant.

The spin is really something else, and could almost be a fourth character in this bizarre little twisted tale. Their frantic and frenetic need to spin some sort of truth of their own making is dizzying and sad. The obsession to make it seem believable and the need to make sure everyone believes it to be true reaks of desperation. Then there is the self delusion. They believe their own lies and feel confident enough in them to post Thomas Paine meme quotes and seem superior. They laugh at me in their joined hysterica “What an idiot she is!” they smugly announce to the world of social media.

But the truth is in the action. Not the spin. Due process was not followed, and, sigh, is still not followed. There has been a theft, plain and simple and due process has been ignored. Judges who rule, and lawyers looking to make a buck could give a shit less about spinning out Stupid Sociopathic Scyophants, no matter how many revolutionary activist writers are quoted, including this one.

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