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The table top game “Dragon Scary-go-round” started with a kick starter.


Dragon Scary-go-round is a fun cooperative game where players become archers to defeat the dragon while avoiding ghosts. Players win if they can reduce the dragon’s life to zero and they are not injured by the dragon before the time runs out. Please watch out for the ghosts. If all the archers get caught, you lose the game. The rules are very simple, play 1 card from your hand of 3 and execute it. Even small children can play. However, if you increase the difficulty level, even adults will find it challenging. You’ll need to collaborate more and make good use of the item’s book of magic.

Check out the project with Kickstarter!

“Dragon Scary-go-round” Made in Japan | ぐるぐる廻るドラゴンとオバケたち

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