What Bookurve’s staff do when he got Chicken Pox (Health Tips Included)?

I was the unlucky one in this Chinese New Year 2017 which I got effected by chickenpox from my brother’s son.

Apparently no food and visiting relatives for me this year. Sign.

If you are having the same fate like me, cheer up! Because it is not that bad though.

So, what is chickenpox?

It is an infection caused by this virus called, varicella-zoster virus (VZV). And, usually, it happened in children, but both adults and teenagers can get it too. It can spread from a person to other via air or direct contact.

The obvious symptom is having fluid-filled blisters(look like small bubbles) on your body!

According to my friend, it is very rare to have the chickenpox infection more than once in your life time.

And, my friend is a rare case who got twice!

My Journey with Chickenpox:

Day One:

When I woke up in the morning, I found two little blisters on my body. And, I accidentally touched one and it bursts. I can feel a little water oozing out. That’s the time I told my mother, I got the chickenpox! Hurray!

Day Two:

At night time, while I was sleeping, suddenly I feel my whole body very hot and burning. And, I knew that I was having a high fever. And, I came downstair for water. After I drink, my body temperature suddenly drop and I started to sweat a lot.

Day Three:

In the next day when I woke up, it was all over my body and face. Even on my head. So, I went to see doctor for some medicines. The whole day I feel fever everytime after my food.

Thus, I take medicine to control the fever. And, my whole day food is white noodle soup(面线汤) as below photo without the vegetable.

Day Four:

I still have fever after food and I control it by taking the fever medicine. And, today I feel headache and body pain. The worst part is having the soar throat because I can feel that inside my throat got chickenpox too. Everytime I drink water or swallow something, it is hard to push the food down from my throat and I can feel the food along the way down in my throat.

Day Five:

I still have fever but under control with medicine.

Day Six:

The war finally came to an end. I become normal again. Just left the blisters.

PS: There is no photo in this case as I think it is too awful to show!

Health tips from Chinese people.

Only served as a guide, please consult your doctor if you need more info.

Food To Avoid:

1. Chicken and egg (Because our chicken had vaccines).

2. Seafood eg. prawn, crab, squiq and so on. Chinese believe seafood is type of poison food for patient except fish.

3. Soya sauce, PLEASE AVOID at all. Because people believe, if you eat it, it will left a permanent black mark on your blisters after it dried.

4. All type of bean, eg. soya bean, long bean, bean sprout.

5. Mushroom and yam (Not sure why).

Food that you can eat:

1. Green vegetables.

2. All fish, except stingray and Ikan Bawal Hitam.

Ikan Bawal Hitam

3. Tong Xin Fen(通心粉) and Zhu(珠). You can ask for it in Chinese Traditional Medicine shop. These two medicine help to cool down your body.

4. Coconut water is also served to cool down your body.

5. Pork.

NOT SURE: For red meat such as beef, duck. I’m not sure but my mother said don’t eat.

Things To Do:

  1. There is one type of leaf which help in faster recovery, they called it as “Indian leaf” if I’m not mistaken.
Indian leaf

Method One: You can clean the leaf and put them under your bed sheet. So, at night, you can sleep on top of it. Yes, your room will be full of leaf smell like in the jungle!

Method Two: You can put the leaf in the water and let it get heated under the sun. And, you can take bath with it after 6pm as the sun goes down.

2. Tried to take more bath, say, 3–4 times a day.

Things Not To Do:

1. Please do not go out at early morning and night. If you want to go out, please bring umbrella or cap and wear long sleeve.

Because we believe that in high moisture situation(early morning & night) and your body will be pain when you get old.

2. Don’t EVER scratch your blisters.

Doctor Consultant Tips That I Learned:

Always ask doctor what medicine that he is going to give you and what is the purpose.

If you feel that you no need the itchy pils, you can inform him that you don’t need it. Since you have paid for the consulatation fees, why not ask more? Why I need this medicine and so on.

My Best Friend:

And, during the suffering time, this book accompany me during the hard times.

Bookurve Link
It is a story of a bold young achiteture who want to change the rules of architecture industry and the story set in around 1943, which at that time, it is similar our small startup ecosystem.

That’s all from my chickenpox experience.

Enjoy it as it only happened once in your life time!

Always look on the bright side of the life, right? Ha!