Blind Date with a Blog, Part 2.

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Welcome back to part two of my series: Blind Date with a Blog! This week I’m getting familiar with LIS practitioner blogs. I have a few criteria:

  1. the blog is geared towards medical/health science librarianship
  2. new posts are published on a regular basis
  3. there’s a balance between professional/personal posts.

Below I’ll take a look at three blogs and assess if they’re worth a second visit.

Krafty Librarian: Things of interest to a medical librarian

First Impressions: This blog, written by Michelle Kraft, has a collection of posts of interest to medical librarians. Her posts often feature technology in medical libraries, but she also writes about medical librarianship in general. According to the sidebar menu of categories, there are blog posts regarding a variety of topics, such as various databases, annual meetings, educational opportunities, apps, and more. The archives date back to 2004, with most of the posts concentrated between 2009 and the present. New blog posts are published on a frequent basis — probably 3 to 5 posts per month (or more).

It appears several guest writers have been asked to write blog posts as well. The guest writers have scientific backgrounds and work in library settings. From what I’ve seen, posts remain relevant to medical librarianship and don’t stray too far into personal categories, which is ideal.

Second date potential? Yes! This blog has a variety of posts regarding medical librarianship, features viewpoints of other medical librarians, and is updated on a regular basis.

Musings of a Medical Librarian Maven: A mid-career hospital librarian blogging about medical librarianship

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First Impressions: This blog was written by Alexia Estabrook, a seasoned medical librarian. I say “was written” instead of “is written” because the blog has not been updated since 2010.It’s unfortunate that this blog has been abandoned because it contains great blog posts about the field. For example, one post discusses a centralized library for hospitals, another post details productivity and time management in the library. Some of the posts are more personal, but they always relate to medical librarianship in some way.

Second date potential? Sadly, no. This blog seems to have been abandoned by its owner so I will not be revisiting in the future.

Happy Healthy Long Life: A medical librarian’s adventures in evidence-based living

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First Impressions: I was excited to find a blog written by a Medical Librarian who had been in the business for 40 years. However, browsing this blog revealed that it’s less about Medical Librarianship and more about tips for healthy living. While this blog may be a good resource for patrons of medical libraries, I find that it does not meet my criteria for a LIS practitioner blog. Unfortunately, I’d have to turn down a second date with this blog.

This concludes my two-part series: Blind Date with a Blog! Through this process I have discovered a few publications and blogs that are worth revisiting as I pursue my interest in medical librarianship.


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