Great things come to those who wait ?

Something’s not right?

How many times have we heard that the one who is patient gets the sweetest fruit or in more general way sabr ka fal meetha hota hai?

But do we really understand what lies within this hidden wisdom? Indeed, I would not hesitate calling it a wisdom but I am afraid that we often misunderstood this wisdom rather than understanding it.

Success is a relative phenomenon. Something for someone can be an outstanding achievement while for someone the same thing cannot even be satisfactory. So, it’s pointless to talk about success but we definitely will, someday.

Coming back to the point, what wrong have we absorbed from the above words of wisdom? Actually this wisdom is so put that more often or not we fail to understand the actual meaning conveyed.

Let us decode the sentence part by part.

1. Great things – As you have got it, definitely it means success. The things you have wished and desired and worked tirelessly – these are the great things. And as stated above, it differs person to person. Like for a stock broker a million dollar deal will do while for a monk, knowing the true self will be the great thing. So, great things are the things we seek relentlessly and are willing to put our time and energy to achieve it.

2. Comes to those – Yes, success comes to people. So, it is idiotic to say that someone is more or less lucky and odds are in favor or not and if you have done the required work, had sweat enough, then success will come to you. Hence, success is for everyone who is readily agreed to put the necessary efforts required. Cheer, it will come to you too!

3. Who wait thrive – And comes the most confusing part. Summing up, great things come to those who wait – this is the complete sentence. And unfortunately we have misunderstood it now. Let me ask, what do you understand by the word ‘wait’ here? How we are supposed to wait and get the great things? Actually, the word carries its obvious meaning but not in the sense we see. The ‘wait’ here does not mean that you have to sit and wait for the great things to happen with you. There are two parts of any work, input and output. We put the input into something and expect our desired output from that thing. The ‘wait’ here is purely in context of output – NOT for the INPUT. So, the actual message conveyed here is – Great things comes to those who continually do the right and necessary things as starting as early as possible and are eager to wait patiently for the desired output. The waiting is for the coming of success and not in terms of doing things for the success. You need to thrive actually and do things after things and make efforts after efforts repeatedly as soon as you have decided what the Great Things are for you. But, you will have to wait patiently for the outcome. Like most of us, success too has ego issues. The more you are waiting for him, the more time it will take. Take your eyes off and ignore it a bit and he will rush to you baffled, and ask, why the hell you aren’t looking for me.
I think now you could understand the actual message of this sentence and relate the significance of the new explanation. Well, it was my personal thinking and it is perfectly okay if you do not agree. After all, true wisdom is always born out of disagreement and finding new answers of age-old questions!

See you soon <3

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