6 Secrets to Amplify your Medium Story!
Dinah Davis

Great guidelines, thank you! May I also suggest few that I had in mind —

Using images that are at-least column-level wide. Like this:

On the other hand, if we use the side-image format (you gotta see this in full screen, just click on this comment to make it full screen-size):

This cat is really cute.

And you’re still stuck over here even though you have finished talking about it. Makes it a little inconvenient to read.

I also use this tool called Headline Analyzer, to give me some idea of how good the title of my article is. Even though I don’t take it as a doctrine, it’s still helpful and makes me re-think — can the headline be made better? Having at-least one ‘power’ or ‘emotional’ word in the title can make the article stand out.