HASHTAG #newpeople

Last September 10, 2015, exactly thirty-seven days ago, I tweeted this:

From now on, I’ll be tweeting new people I meet :)

…Well, it should actually be ‘tweeting the names of new people I meet’. And then, I just added #newpeople at the end of every tweet.

i.e. met ericka from ust (insert yellow heart and lion emojis) #newpeople

P.S. She is the last person I met before writing this.

This is just a random thing — a random thought, random tweet, totally random idea; it just popped out of my head and I just tweeted and tried it.

I was surprised with this whole ‘thing’ because I actually met a good number of people since that day.

I met at least 44 people since that day.

44 people in 37 days.

The point is: this whole random hashtag is working!

Where did I meet these people? In random places, random instances.

Some of these people were introduced by friends. Others, I met while I was commuting. Some people I met from the gym. And others, totally random.

One of them is an Uber driver — Nolly. One person, I met because I found her lost phone — Korina. I also met a Spanish expat, Juan, who got lost in the streets of BGC while on his way to Makati — we ended up being on the same jeepney.

How does it work?

I am not sure but I just try to become friendly — extra friendly.

Initiate. Say ‘Hi’. Act naturally. Be real. Say something — about the situation you are both in — whether giving comments about the traffic, giving compliments about what they are wearing, saying something about the weather, etc. Say something! Be interested. Smile.

As for me, it is a sort of getting out of one’s comfort zone.

This only proves that one whole random idea can surprise us once we decide and start executing it.

Just do it.

Update: It is almost year-end — exactly December 30, 2015, PST. Time to measure where this hashtag took me…

Okay.. atleast 97 people as of today!

97 people in 111 days.. I bet I would not have reached this figure without this hashtag. Lol seriously though.. this hashtag forced me to get out of my comfort zone. A great, successful, and fun project indeed! And I am about to continue this practice ;)

P.S. This is one random post.