Why do I want to become a Software engineer and attend Holberton School?

I want to become a Software engineer mainly because my goal is to solve some of the challenges that my country, Haiti, is facing such as crime, poverty, government’s corruptions, and environmental disasters. For instance, I want to build an app which will help police officers to combat crimes and do their job efficiently, but more importantly to allow vulnerable women to report domestic abuse anonymously to authority. Moreover, I think that in order for Haiti to be self-sustainable economically and become a developed country in the Western Hemisphere is to invest heavily in STEM and to teach its future generation how to code.

The reason why I want to attend the Holberton School is the fact that it is affordable and opened to everyone regardless of their socioeconomic. I want to attend the school because its core philosophy is not to encrypt the knowledge about software engineer from people who are underrepresented in the technology world , but to give them a chance to excel and break barrier in software like Betty.