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I’m a fan of all kinds of music, hip hop included, and this article is all wrong, in my humble opinion. The one sad realization / excuse I have for it all, is that publications seeking viewers will tend toward the biggest names in music that will bring it to them.

And maybe the writer’s are actual fans of that stuff; I’ve heard almost everything mentioned, there are some decent songs here and there. And maybe the Ringer has an “Other Musics” “Indie” or “BackPacker” section and we should all just go there and leave this poor writer alone. I get that too.

But damn, don’t y0u ever want to talk about something new? Aren’t you the slightest bit interested in innovating, seeing what’s coming next, shining light on something deserving in this admittedly overcrowded, content stuffed, digital dump ass era? I know the record industry isn’t, but come on, don’t be like them.

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