Listen, Do you want to know a secret?

The Thieve’s Theme

Internets! I’m not here to talk politics, gender, Pepsi or Coke, North Korea, or any of the long list of things potentially pissing you the fuck off on a so far pleasant early spring day.

Unless one of the things on your shit list is the music industry. Then yes, I’m here to do that. I just read an article on Digital Music News ( by my new personal hero, Ari Herstand ) called “ Pandora Has Stopped Paying Artists Over 50% of Their Money ”. If you know me, you are shaking your head from side to side and silently mouthing the word “triggered”. When you have the time and inclination, go read that article then come back, and answer a few quick questions:

  1. Do you like music and or musicians? By this I mean, do you think a musician who has made something you enjoyed, deserves let’s say at least a penny, $0.01, when you play that song?
  2. What platform do you use to experience music? Even if this is a turntable, Pandora themselves, or little bit of piracy. I’d love to know.

Ok, thanks. There will be more to this conversation if enough folks put their two cents in.

See what I did there? Two cents? tee hee hee, talk to you later:)