Currently, mainstream media focuses on topics that are not only dull, but also insignificant to us intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Take for instance this week in news: most people have heard Donald Trump’s rant about the new Starbucks holiday cup, we’ve seen Kris Kardashian’s 60th birthday party through photos and videos, and everyone as usual is loosing their minds over a fashion show of half naked women in elaborate lingerie. But what does any of this provide us on a level deeper than momentary entertainment?

The definition of news has been skewed into including many stories that are honestly, not that newsworthy. We feel the need to fill our minds with superficial content that makes us feel informed about and closer to the world around us, when in actuality it furthers us from global unification and growth. We should have standards for the news surrounding us, and demand to be educated, and inspired by what we see.

The good news is, there’s hope. In addition to what was presented to us on most news and social media platforms, there are amazing stories just waiting to be found. Take for instance Emma Watson meeting Malala Yousifzai, the youngest ever Nobel Prize winner. The two sat down to discuss everything from her documentary, to education, to their shared passion for feminism. More information on their moving interview can be found here.

Another overlooked topic this week a community that came together to assist a family of a recently deceased farmer with harvesting the crops he left behind. Over 30 individuals teamed up to lighten the load of the grieving family, speaking to the power communities have. The moving story can be read in full here:

A large part of this disconnect is through how people consume media. A recent study conducted by a journalist in Washington DC showed that people largely consume news through radio shows and social media feeds. Many also voiced their distrust in the often skewed media outlets such as tv stations and some print pieces. In this largely digital age it is hard to sort through the shallow and the stimulating.

Boomcast is trying to reinvent how media is consumed. With the ease and simplicity of social media, comes the depth and trustworthy content of reliable news sources. Help us change what users expect from news. You deserve better.