Mornings can be rough. Between having to leave your cozy bed, to dealing with commutes, stress can easily accumulate. At our office, we often discuss different morning rituals we have to make mornings suck a little less. While some of these you may have heard before, we swear by them and figure a little reminder may be just what you need to kick your stress to the curb. Let us know your favorite parts of your morning routine below!


Have you tried meditation? It’s not just some new-wave fad, it has been around for thousands of years as a way to build energy, concentration, and compassion. The health benefits of meditation have been discussed since its beginning, and taking just 5–10 minutes at the beginning of your day to center yourself will really help improve your mental state. While it is hard to build up the concentration and technique of emptying your mind, even short attempts daily will have a lot of amazing benefits in the long run.


Exercise is of course something we all recognize the importance of, especially in our health-driven culture of today. We know not everyone is a morning person- maybe you prefer to work out at night. But taking a few minutes to do some kind of activity to warm up your body will naturally energize you and help with your focus levels the rest of the day. Everyone has their own preferences in favorite workouts, what will yours be? Yoga? Jogging? 80’s exercise videos?


A study conducted for Everyday Health (along with many others) suggests that setting your alarm early allows for extra time and therefore less stress at the beginning of your day. These spare minutes can be used to read the paper, make to-do list for the day, or tidy up before leaving the house. Regardless of how you spend it, the little bit of time for productivity will help you feel more on top of your game the rest of the day.


Morning commutes can easily add to your stress. There are plenty of things that can go wrong from cramped buses to traffic jams. Regardless of the way you commute, use it as a change for some you-time. Make a relaxing or energizing playlist (Spotify has some great commute-based ones already!), read through work emails, or take in your surroundings. Do whatever you need to do to in order to calm yourself and prepare for the busy day ahead.