How Big Hero 6 shifted the fairy tale from magical to possible

We’re all to used to Disney movies. Magic genies, dragons on your shoulder, animated toys, puppets, talking tigers. Disney’s latest animated offering is a kind of important departure from all that. Leveraging the super-hero, Incredibles style feel, essentially, this is a story about how, with technology which isn’t beyond the realms of the possible, literally anything can now happen. This story could reasonably happen in the not too distant future (I mean that in terms of robots which assemble and dissasemble, quasi-sentient AIs in the medical industry, mag bikes, laser cutting etc). watching it, you think to yourself, is this even the death of magic? The craziest stuff can now almost be engineered?

Big Hero 6 is a lighthearted and pretty charming romp, with a devastating importance for how we tell stories now. Ulton is Pinocchio after all.

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