A Desert Child Reborn In The Sunshine Again

16 years in the desert, toes in the sand, face, body uncovered,

always running around, pigtails flying, feet un-slippered,

germs best friends, jumping in puddles, getting sick, getting right,

went to the cold, 2 hours of sunshine today expected snow, hail, rain, precipitation and more,

at first, love at first sight, at second and third sight, still love,

then, slowly, the world begins to darken, no vitamin d in the system,

india is calling, desert is calling, backpacking trip comes

ah, a sigh of relief, this is where i am meant to be,

have to come back, be serious, wear the suit, the armour, the shield,

need to live the real life, the real life, the real life is always calling,

unable to answer, hide in the corner, hide, hide behind more masks,

always leaving to go to asia, what’s wrong with you,

leaving 1st world for 3rd world, you crazy yo,

sunshine is what i want, sunshine is calling, sunshine is always calling,

conversations with the sun, touch the sun, talk to the sun,

how? fruits, birds, coffee, everything manifestation of the sun,

tropical fruits filled with sunshine, lemons be concentrated sunshine,

get in me, get in me right now, make me whole again, let me feel again,

eat papayas, mangoes, pineapples, heart opens bursting open,

don’t want to go back to the cold, the cold, the cold, it hurts my heart,

tell my parents, moving to thailand, crying, yelling, screaming, acceptance,

dancing ensues in my heart, move there asap, sitting in the sunshine day in, day out,

darker skin, darker hair, darker feet, will never be married this way,

the vibrations of the world come into me, monks walk past me infecting me,

smile hither and thither, passing on the sunshine in me to everyone around,

breathe in the germs, breathe in the pollution, everything stronger,

kill bad germs inside, become full on khao soi and noodle soup,

soup in the heat, yeah that’s how we do it, yo

reborn again, conversations ensue, chatter about gut flora, kimchi, kao mak,

fermented means rotten you know, the good stuff

heart splits open even more, here i am take me as i am, no masks here,

the masks are all gone, the sunshine has infected all of us here,

vitamin d has changed all of us into beasts of authenticity,

spilled milk today, don’t cry over it, split open the plastic bag,

or split open my heart, writing poems now,

who have i become — the desert child is reborn again,

the land of smiles and sunshine did it.

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