am i crazy or is the music always playing in your head?

Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

when we go to the mountain, and whisper our secrets to the rocks,

when we put pink stickers on our door, and wish we were a princess,

when we dance in the living room, wanting not to cause any shocks,

when we play in the woods, and see fairies in all the shadows,

when we paint our toenails bright orange, and think we are a goblin,

when we create a world in our head that has never been seen before,

when we tell everyone we are going to be a millionaire one day,

when we get rejected a hundred times, but we don’t care,

when we sing along to every song that comes on the radio,

when we plant eggs into warm, warm soil, hoping to get a pet,

when we scratch ourselves bloody, hoping to get off school, watch cartoons,

when we buy ourselves a pink tutu so we can relive our ballerina days,

when we take our microphone everywhere pretending we are an announcer,

when we stuff our mouths with food quickly so we can get back to play,

when we still believe we are special and deserve to be in the spotlight,

when we hug a tree and tell it stories, because we were told its dying,

when we talk to our mother’s belly and tell it all the fun toys to share,

when we skip, hop, jump, and tumble just because it is a Monday,

when we roll down long grassy hills and they last forever and ever,

when we eat so much candy that our tummies hurt, but we still love candy,

when we wake up and decide that today we are going to be Godzilla,

when we aren’t too fat or too thin or too tall or too short, we just are,

when the sunshine, and the winds, and the rain are all here for us,

when the water we drink isn’t just water but a power energizer pack,

when the clothes we wear are colourful, and all have capes attached,

when the little piggy goes to the market so even our toes can play,

when our love isn’t reserved only for the special, but is for everyone,

when sarcasm is a foreign tongue not spoken by us yet,

when cynicism, and bitterness haven’t invaded our hearts,

when we still believed in ourselves and our dreams,

when we were still children.

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