Are You Listening To Your Body’s Warning Signals?

I was speaking to my sister recently and she was telling me about a friend of hers, who has such a stressful job that she stopped getting her period for about six months, and then bled straight for a whole year!

I was flabbergasted. If there is ever a sign that someone is highly stressed out and their body is telling them to abort mission, change course, and make some changes, this girl’s body was giving her all the signs.

I understand how difficult it can be sometimes to take the signs that our body sends us in time. I have had lots of occasions in the past where I have had severe shoulder pain due to work stress, and I ignored it.

I ignored it, because it was an inconvenient time for the pain to appear. I was busy, and I had a billion things to take care of before I could even consider going to a Chiropractor, or get a massage. It was an impossibility at the time, and I felt like my shoulder was being highly irregular and inconsiderate.

I mean, couldn’t the pain appear at a time when it wasn’t going to be such an inconvenience?

Of course, it is never truly convenient. All of us have a billion things on our to-do list, laid out across the various apps that are on our phones and laptops.

It’s like what I believe the Dalai Lama said about meditation… Those days when I am extremely busy and I don’t have time to meditate, I meditate for twice as long.

The idea being that when your mind is so busy and your schedule is so packed, that is when you truly need to be paying extra attention to your self-care routine, meditation being one of those keystone self-care habits.

But, most of us ignore our body’s cries for appeal. The body isn’t trying to keep us from achieving our goals. We are our bodies, and the bodies are us. It wants us to succeed as much as we do. But in that quest for success, we forget that the body is highly balanced ecosystem that needs constant upgrades, and care. We forget to spend time on the upkeep and maintenance, that comes quite easily to us with our cars, laptops, and other electronics.

Why is it so easy for us to remember that our devices, and homes need help, but we forget that our bodies are even more important than any of that?

I used to get this recurrent shoulder pain every few months, especially when I would be getting really stressed out about something. Every time it came up, either I would be highly annoyed, because it was inconvenient. Or I would ignore it, and pretend like my body was just coming in the way, and if I ignored it, it would go away. Or I would begrudgingly go to a healthcare specialist to get the pain fixed.

I never ever looked at the underlying cause to ask myself, ‘Okay, why is this pain coming up over and over again? What is causing this pain to come up? And what could I do about it to avoid it in the future?’

I didn’t think about those things, because if I thought about those things, I would realize that the life I had been leading was highly stressful, and was a life that I didn’t actually want to lead. I was leading someone else’s life for me and I couldn’t bear to hear those comments even if they were coming from myself.

I couldn’t run away from reality but when reality started beating down my doors through shoulder pain, it was hard to avoid.

I think that’s why our bodies do it. Most of the time, they will work around the pain, and they will balance themselves out, so we don’t actually feel the pain, even though our bodies might be convoluted out of shape.

But, as in my friend’s sister’s case, and my shoulder pain, the pain got to the point where we had to feel it, because the situation was dire. Changes had to be made, otherwise, we would have killed ourselves in some way due to the stress.

Of course, pain isn’t always about the pain. It is sometimes to do with the body trying to tell us that something is off, and something needs our attention.

I started getting this really bad pain in my shoulder blades right behind my heart, and no matter how many Chiro appointments I set up, nothing mattered. It was my heart trying to tell me something. I wasn’t living true to my authentic self — I was living falsely and my heart didn’t like it. It was trying to warn me, before I fell in too deep. It was a fair warning and I needed it.

That’s how our body’s immense intelligent communicates with it. It is extremely necessary to listen to our bodies. We have to, we have to, we have to, listen to our body’s pain, and try to figure out what is the message here. What is my body trying to tell me? Is my life getting to be too stressful? Am I living not in alignment with my true purpose or true self? Or am I being an idiot in some other manner? What is going on and how can I fix it?

That’s something that we have to start paying attention to.

Eventually the body stops hurting, integrates that pain into ourselves, and shows up as a deadly terminal disease like cancer or something else. That’s when the body is telling us, ‘It’s too late. I tried to warn you, and I tried to tell you to stop your evil ways. But you didn’t. Now you must suffer the consequences.’

Most people at that point stop treating their bodies like crap, and start living that healthy life that they should have been following from the beginning of time. Sometimes it takes a health scare of that magnitude in order to shake us out of our reverie. Otherwise, it is way too easy to be zombies, and keep on doing what we are doing, whether or not, it’s working for us or not.

What is your body trying to tell you? What warnings signs are you ignoring in your quest for the top? Is it worth it? What if you got there but you didn’t have your health? Would it still be worth it?

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