Good Luck Is All About Keeping Our Vibrations High

Why do some people have to have more in their lives than others? Why do they seem to be luckier than others? Why does it seem like everything they touch turns to Gold? Why is that?

Are they in fact luckier or is there something else going on?

Wayne and I started chatting about luck, and we realized that the people who are lucky are vibrating at a higher vibration. And not only that, the people who get all of this stuff, are matching up with the vibrations of what they receive.

For example.

I was at a conference in Seattle for my last corporate job. I had been running around all day, chatting with people at the booth I was at. Finally, I got a chance to sit down and have a sip of water, and I noticed that HP had a booth nearby and they were giving away a laptop computer in a draw. I got really excited. My brother was searching for a new laptop and this laptop would be perfect for him. He’s a minimalist, and the laptop they were giving away was a minimalists’ dream come true — it was a Chrome machine, so everything was stored on the cloud, rather than on the computer. I knew my brother would love it, so I decided to put my name in the draw.

If my brother hadn’t wanted a laptop and hadn’t told me he was searching for one, I wouldn’t have put my name into the draw. I had a beautiful MacBook Air for home use, and a Lenovo that worked really well from my workplace. No need for a third laptop. The only reason I would want a 3rd laptop would be if I was going to give it away.

I told my colleague that they had a draw going on and it was about ten minutes until the close. I was going to go and put my name into it — could he watch the booth while I did.

He said, “You are never going to win the draw. Don’t even bother. There are 300 people who have probably already put in their names into the draw. You will never win.”

I was surprised. Isn’t the point of a draw to put in your name and try your luck out with 300 other people? Isn’t that the point of it? It is random, and that’s why we love draws, because there is no reason for one person to win over another.

I ignored my colleague who hadn’t put in his name to the draw, and went over to the HP booth to put in my name.

Ten minutes later, I was busy rummaging around in my booth, taking it apart, and I heard my name being called from the main dining area. The draw had taken place, and I had won the HP laptop.

I walked in, as surprised as my colleague who told me to go grab the laptop before they give it away to someone else.

I showed them my ID, so they would know it was the right person, and I walked away with a laptop that I really didn’t have space for in my carry-on luggage. I carried the box on my lap the whole time in the plane, and gave it with great joy and flourish to my brother, who still uses it to this day (3 years later).

Why did I win the draw?

If you think about luck in the form of vibrations, then, I won the laptop, because my vibration of wanting to win the laptop for my brother, matched up with the person who wanted to give the laptop away to someone who would really appreciate and use it.

I had put out this idea into the draw card saying I wanted this laptop for my minimalist brother. And the person who had set up the draw had the same idea as well. Both ideas matched up in the ether somewhere, and my name was pulled up as the winner.

It could be completely random, or it could be that I won because of a vibration match-up.

What is luck really?

If everything is energy, and vibrations, then luck as well is the same.

I am lucky and live this absolutely amazing life, because I created this vibration. I create this vibration on a daily basis by doing all the work on myself that I do.

This lucky life has been six years in the making, or even longer. The minute I did my first meditation six years ago, I laid out the groundwork for this life. The minute I started doing yoga regularly, or journaling on a daily basis, or stopped watching TV, I laid out the groundwork for this life.

Every single day, I do my morning routine, so that I can keep my vibration high, and bring all of the goodness into my life that I have and more.

If I wanted to go back to having a miserable, normal life, all I have to do is stop working on myself and bring my vibration back to normal — stop meditating every day, stop journaling daily, stop writing daily, stop asking questions, stop everything.

Vibrations matter.

Every moment of every day, we have a chance to keep our vibration high, or we can bring it down. We could either hang out with people with a high vibration, or we could hang with miserable beings. We could do work that inspires and excites us, or we could work in a job that drains and kills us. We could live in a place that is our soul city, and country, or in a place that feels deadening. We could wear clothes that cut off our circulation and make us feel like crap, or we could wear clothes that display our personality.

Every moment is a choice. Keep my vibration high and bring more ‘luck’ into my life. Or keep my vibration low, and go back into misery mode.

What choice are you making?

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