How Does My Intuition Know The Shit It Knows?

Intuition just needs a little spark of an idea to form whole thoughts.

Do you know one of the scariest things about being an intuitive? You know shit that you don’t know how you know. It’s absolutely scary. Not for the person whose secrets we end up guessing, but for ourselves.

How does our intuition work? It gathers information either from the inside or the outside. Introverted vs. extroverted intuition. I’m not going to into details here about the different kinds of intuitives.

I want to go into further detail in this post about how to deal with all of the shit that your intuition guesses.

We are all demi- gods and goddesses. We are all incarnations of the universe itself. We were created by the great creator in his stead. That’s what all the religions and philosophies tell us. Too much for you? No worries. You don’t need to believe all of that.

You can just believe that we are more than this physical body seems to indicate. There is some magic beneath the surface that is apparent when you think about someone, and that person calls you. Or you message someone and they message you back saying they were thinking about you because they wanted to tell you they just got some good or bad news. Or you take a route that you don’t normally take and the route you normally take had a tractor-trailer crash into seven cars, killing two people. Or you…

You get the idea, I think.

Intuition is the most fascinating aspect of being human to me (besides dreams, time travel, quantum physics, epigenetics, and meditation). I don’t know how it works, but it ends up giving me all of this information about the people, situations, and places I am around.

I always end up telling people things about them that they had never ever shared with me.

Or I will be sitting with a group of people and have a bad feeling about this one person that EVERYONE in the group seems to love. This has happened to me more times than I can recount. I don’t know why, but I don’t like this one person. I know they are off somehow. I don’t know how they are off, but they are off. They are sucking my energy and I don’t want to be around them. But everyone else seems to adore them to the moon and back. I am alone in my assumptions of their ungoodness. Usually that ends up with the result that I am kicked out of the group because I cannot play nice with that one beloved individual. Outcast, I roam around alone. But not lonely.

That can be one of the bad after effects of being an intuitive. We cannot hide from the truth. We know the truth as it stares us in the face, and we cannot (will not) run from it.

Which means, that we have to either have a lot of really hard conversations with our friends, or we end up losing a lot of friends, because we see things clearly when they don’t.

Why can’t we keep our mouths shut about all of the stuff we see, you ask?

Because intuitives are also almost always idealists. We live in this idealistic world where we have this responsibility of sharing our insights with the world. Because if we didn’t, then all the poor non-sighted people around us would be bumping into roadblocks or horrible people who would rip them off or worse become their partners.

Intuition can be a scary mofo. It blindsides you on a boring Tuesday afternoon where you were thinking you would just sit down with a cappuccino and do some work.

I am sure you have heard this stat — The subconscious mind can process 20,000,000 bits of information per second. The conscious mind can only process 40 bits of information per second. That’s 500,000 times more. This is from The Biology of Belief by Dr Bruce Lipton. That is freaking insane! Are you in shock yet? I was, when I first read this stat.

But you know what? This stat makes my intuition make sense.

My intuition is all from my subconscious. It bubbles up from my unconscious in random moments when my conscious mind gives up control for a bit. My intuition always ends up knowing something that I couldn’t have possibly gathered with my conscious mind. It had to come to me from all the millions of bits of information that came at me from my subconscious processing.

My ENTP soulmate best friend, Dan, always tries to understand how my intuition works. He has an extroverted intuition, so it gathers information from the outside to makes its judgements. Mine is an introverted intuition. It makes judgements based on internal judgements. Read more here if you want to learn about extroverted vs. introverted intuitions.

He always forces me to think where did I get my intuitive feeling from? He will say, ‘Wait, stop. Think for a second. Think hard. Where did you gather this information from?’ That makes me stop and think. Usually, I end up realizing the bits of information that I gathered intuitively without conscious thought to create the intuitive feeling that I shared with him. He hates loose ends, and he says INFJs are just a bunch of loose ends. We know things without knowing how we know. He needs to know how he knows. He needs to know how I know. It’s great practice for me, actually.

In fact, I hate my intuition sometimes. If I didn’t know a lot of the information that I just know, I would have a lot more friends, and a lot less enemies. I cannot be friends with phonies or fakes. It just doesn’t work for me. The problem is that not only are there a lot of fake people on this planet, but that I can see through all of them in an instant. They just cannot hide themselves from me. It’s just impossible. Eventually, they all shine through their fakeness to me, and in that moment in time, our relationship is dead to me. I just can’t be friends with them after that.

I also dislike my intuition because I always know when a relationship I am in is done. I know the exact moment when my boyfriend falls in love with me, and also the exact moment when he falls out of love with me. It is so precise that I could time to the exact second. So I know. I know and I can’t un-know. So then it is just a matter of time before either he breaks up with me or I break up with him. If I didn’t know, I could extend the relationship into oblivion, but I can’t. Not after I know.

But I love my intuition, really, because it gives me this special power. I know. How do I know? I don’t know. But I know.

I know things about people that they themselves don’t know. I was sitting with a new acquaintance at a lunch one day. I saw that the vein under their eye started twitching crazily as soon as they started chatting about this particular subject. I assumed this person knew about this phenomenon, but I have been warned about my assumptions being usually false. So I didn’t assume, and I said, ‘You probably know this, but your the vein under your eye really twitches badly when you talk about this subject. I think you are holding a lot of guilt or emotion about this subject in your body and it’s being portrayed with this eye twitch.’ This person was blown away by this information. How did I know? Well, I observed for once, of course. But another, my intuition made the mind-body connection apparent to me.

The thing about knowing is that it is scary.

I spend hours debating with myself if I should share certain things that I know about people through my intuition with them. Or should I just keep it to myself? It is so hard to know what to do in a lot of situations. Maybe it could make their life better, but is that really my responsibility to share this stuff?

Almost always, I end up keeping a lot of stuff inside of me, and not sharing. My default is always to not share. I have had so many people blow up on me, because I was so truthful and honest about their situation and people don’t like the truth in most cases.

They are there trying to hide from the massive elephant in the room, and I’m dancing around the elephant, pointing to him and asking them to notice it. Bad Shikha!

Yeah, I know.

But that is an intuitive. That’s what we do.

So I have stopped telling others about what my intuition tells me about them.

Now I use my intuition for my own gains and goals.

My intuition has a lot of insights on my life, goals, and aspirations. I keep on directing all of its great powers towards improving my life and moving my life slowly but surely to its ideal self.

Do you know how my intuition keeps on getting better and better? The one and only thing that makes me more in tune with my intuition is meditation.

Meditation. Mindfulness. Silence. Stillness.

All of this helps us hone our intuition. What happens with all of these techniques is that we are able to realize in all of the noise that is our brain what is our intuition talking vs. other nonsense.

There is so much noise on this planet. Not only that, but there is so much noise in our brains. And our unconscious.

How do we know if it is our intuition speaking or something else? We would only know that if we are able to quieten down our monkey minds and reduce the amount of static in our minds. If we are able to do that, and we only have a few thoughts coming at us, instead of a thousand, we are better able to discern which thought is an intuitive thought, and which one is just a random useless critical voice in our head.

Once we figure out it’s our intuition chatting, we can slow down, become still, and see what is our intuition trying to tell us. Where is it directing us? What is it telling us to do? Who is it telling us to avoid? Who is it telling us to love more? What is the message from our great intuition?

Then, we can gather all of this information and use it to improve our lives and keep on levelling up to that enlightened, and self-actualized being that we are all aspiring to be.

There is so much more about my intuition that I want to talk about, but let’s break this article up in two or three or more pieces.

Let me know what you think of intuition, and email me at boomshikha at themillionairehippie dot com if you have any questions at all.

Thanks for reading!

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