If You Are Going To Do Something, Do Something Worthwhile?

I read a post recently that said, If you are going to write something, write something of value. Which meant that only writing that is worthwhile, that is going to change the world, or change someone’s life, is worth writing. The rest of crap and not worth writing.

I think that person is forgetting that writing anything good requires writing hundreds of thousands of ‘bad’ sentences. You might write one good sentence after writing many bad ones. You might write one great paragraph after writing thousands of bad ones. You might write one great novel after writing 17 bad ones.

But if you are waiting to write that great sentence, paragraph, or novel, without writing the bad ones, then you are in for a long ride of not writing anything at all.

I am also kind of confused about the worthwhileness of writing. In my opinion, all writing, no matter good or bad, is worthwhile. The purpose of writing is to write. I write because I have to write, because if I don’t write, I die on the inside. I might walk around, and seem alright, but in reality, I’m a zombie.

I write because I need to write, because without writing, I am not me. Is this blog post you are reading right now, worthwhile? Not really. But I am not writing it to change the world. I am not writing it for recognition, but because I need to write

Then, why not just write for myself, in a private format? Why am I sharing it on such a public forum?

I think of writing as starting a circle, and sharing it as completing it. Once I write something, it would suffocate and die if I left it in my hard drive. It would rot away. It would fester, and decompose. It wouldn’t thrive, survive, and live. But if I completed the circle, and showed the world my writing, not for recognition, but because writing is meant to be read. It is its duty. It needs to be read in order to survive. Just like we would disintegrate and die if we didn’t have human contact, words need to be read in order to be whole.

So I write, and then I complete the circle by sharing it with the world. It isn’t about looking for likes, or loves, or hates. It is about completing the circle. As soon as the circle is complete, I move on to the next piece of writing. There is no need to linger, or fester on the past. Past writing is past writing.

It’s necessary to keep on creating new content to keep on making new circles. That’s how we move forward, and grow.

Finally, people complain that all of the stuff they write is recycled. As long as you are not plagiarizing someone else’s writing, borrowing ideas, themes, and character traits is completely normal. Everyone has been doing it since the time of Shakespeare. The interesting thing to me about writing is that no one person will write the same thing as you. For example, if you decide you are going to write a BDSM novel based on 50 Shades of Grey, the novel you end up writing will be completely different from the best-selling version. This is because you are going to be bringing your own life experiences, thoughts, and ideas into the story.

You cannot step in the same river twice, and you cannot write the same novel as someone else. Even if you decide to write the same novel, unless you copy from one another, if you are writing on your own, your novel will be different from the others. It’s just the way of life. There is no need to worry about originality and recycling.

All we need to do is write, and write, and write, and write. That’s all.

Are you writing?

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