5 Steps to Leverage Strategic Customer Success Efforts and Grow Your Business

Successful SaaS businesses rely on the strengthening of customer relationships for business expansion.

According to the blog SaaStr, “directly, or indirectly, client success manages as much as 75% of the revenue of a typical SaaS company. Client success is actually your secret sauce to success.” Essentially, the growth of your customer programs and the level of customer satisfaction with your service and product can make or break your business.

Here are the top five ways to integrate customer success in your business development efforts:

Step 1: Build a Strong Customer Success Team

o deliver quality services and support, it’s imperative to have a strong customer team and culture. Create a unified vision that everyone can get behind, hire top talent, and create a culture of collaboration where ideas are shared freely and processes are flexible. Try hosting short daily team standup meetings to share strategic customer success experiences, encourage regular strategic customer success meetings and make sure any engagement has a purpose.

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