Benefit of the doubt

How often have we given ourselves the chance to trust others? How often have we tried to earn trust? How often have we tried to lay down the said stereotypes caused by our immediate environment and country’s circumstances?

I know one thing that human beings cannot be trusted but I also know that we want to be trusted (“we” are human beings). What an irony to this life. Every moment of our lives we take risks; although risks differ from each other, there is still a primary aim: for better results.

Most of my close friends know this story and I know my heart won’t rest till I share this. I was given the opportunity to trust a stranger, I did and I am undoubtedly the happiest person this year. It may not seem a big deal but it was for me and I am grateful for this chance to reflect and hope.

I misplaced my purse(let’s call her Ophelia) en route to Epe via Ijebu-Ode from Ibadan. Of course, as a typical Nigerian, the usual story is that I was robbed, Ophelia was stolen and all that so as to lessen the blame on my head but that didn’t spare my mom from tongue lashing me. It turns out I forgot Ophelia in a taxi I boarded in Ijebu-Ode. Now, inside Ophelia was my school I.D card, library card, ATM cards, my parents’ business cards, small amount of cash and some petty things you will find in a girls’ purse. The taxi driver was kind enough to check Ophelia for any string of information at least so he could possibly contact me. He finally called my mom because of her business card in Ophelia at that time. I had already given up all hopes of finding her and even had a poem composed in her honour. (Yes, I am that crazy)

Bottomline is he found her and would like to return Ophelia back to her owner. The problem now was that I would have to come pick it up myself. At this time, Mr. Evans(the kidnapper) was just arrested and then a priest was recently abducted in the same Ijebu-Ode. Everyone was in panic as to who was who and so the man’s suggestion was waived aside, due to several insinuations that he could be a ritualist, kidnapper, rapist and all that. So at that time Ophelia was gone to me, my ATM cards were blocked already so I was not worried too much. My only concern was my school I.D. card. If you study at the University of Ibadan, you will definitely understand what I am talking about.

Two months later, this man still keeps calling to ask whether or not I was coming to pick Ophelia which became worrisome as to why he was so genuinely bothered(stereotypical). The best part was that I decided to go eventually, I already started the process of retrieving a new I.D card but I knew deep down that it was not worth it. And so, I made a decision to give him the benefit of the doubt, to take a risk, to trust a random stranger. I was new to Ijebu-Ode and could not make my way around but still I was bent on doing it. #rescueOpheliamission

I got to Ijebu-Ode, called the man, collected Ophelia with every single thing intact plus the cash too, yes. I even offered him a token as part of my gratitude but he refused. My journey was smooth, no hitch, no worry, no cause for alarm. I was flabbergasted, I didn’t know Nigerians like that still exist because honestly speaking I would have used it as an avenue to get something for myself.

Thus, a cause for my reflection. I hope this gets to everyone reading this today. I want to be that person whose words can be trusted, whose intentions can be judged to be honest, whose actions can be given the benefit of the doubt; but in all of these things, I must be able to give out what I intend to receive.