Why we decided to invest $10,000 in one startup at a TRILLION dollar valuation.

“Josh sent me, and I accept the challenge”

Problem I am addressing is non-profits and schools are in dire need of funding and many can’t afford the marketing and advertising needed to stay in the mind of consumers. For-profits spend over 500 billion dollars a year on advertising and always looking to improve the ROI on their investment, in addition they need to show their CSR to a population that the majority say it is important that a company does more than just make money for shareholders.

Solution I am proposing is Cause Integrated Advertising in which a guaranteed portion of marketing spend goes directly to non-profits that partner with for-profits to do cause related campaigns. Offering non-profits free tools to generate funding and awareness. Providing for-profits positive PR during the campaign and after from the difference it made.

My focus for interviews will be CMO’s or related positions in corporations that share about their CSR, and businesses looking for metrics beyond just impression count and the standard measures of engagement.

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