Best Way To Learn To Code = Better Learning Support

Asking Questions. And Getting Them Answered

So I ran into a little bit of trouble with the “Lab”. The IDE wasn’t loading with the correct files necessary for me to clear this particular lesson. And this is very common in learning programming: sometimes it could just be a single missing colon, or you’ve mistyped something, and the code won’t run properly, resulting in you not being able to clear that lesson.’s built-in Q&A function

Luckily, has incorporated a “life-line” — a messaging capability within the website. Codecademy does something similar as well: In each lesson you have the ability to jump straight into the relevant section in a Q&A forum.

But I think’s implementation is superior for 2 reasons:

  1. Relevant questions to that particular lesson are already on display: allowing you to jump straight into the Q&As
  2. Typing in your (new) question actually sets you up for an actual conversation with someone.

Superior Learning Comes From Superior Support

As mentioned previously, I had some trouble with loading some files, and I popped in a question: expecting to get an answer in a couple of days. Imagine my surprise when I got an immediate response!

Through my conversation with Mr Ian Valentine, i solved some of my problems and was able to clear the lesson. Although your own experience may vary, I believe that this feature is hands-down the best learning support tool i have encountered so far. For a free javascript course, this level of support certainly trumps even some of the paid courses.

I do encourage everyone to give’s online courses a spin, especially if you’re been meaning to learn to code for a while.

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