3 Reasons why blockchain Job platform is better than legacy platforms

1. Power of millions of participants

Boon Coin recognizes that the value of all user participation is greater than the sum of the parts. A single participant is worth next to nothing, but millions of participants working hard to the success of the platform are worth billions of dollars. Because everyone benefits, everyone participates. People are less likely to abandon the platform, unlike all the current fiat currency-based platforms, because of the transaction fees.

In other words, no individual user should be expected to pay for anything, but instead should be paid for everything they do that brings value to Boon Tech Platform. In the search for hiring the best talent, entrepreneurs have been so focused on who should pay that they missed the obvious reality: everyone benefits from each other’s contributions, so either everyone should pay or no one should pay, depending on how you look at it.

Boon Tech platform bypasses micro-payments completely because when an employer hires and pays a freelancer, all parties involved (the employer, freelancer and the community) get the benefit. The employer gets the job well done, plus he earns rewards. The more capital that they spend on the platform earns the employer earns more rewards. The freelancer gets paid as well as rewarded. The more work they do through the Boon Tech platform, the more rewards freelancers earn. The community gets boosted with more capital flowing into the Boon Tech platform.

2.Solving the Cryptocurrency Onboarding Problem

It isn’t easy to get into cryptocurrency . Someone who discovers Bitcoin and wants to try it out quickly learns that they will need to sign up with an exchange and fund their account with a credit card or wire transfer. What would Facebook’s adoption rate have been like if you had to fork over money and a two forms of ID?

Boon Coin solves this problem by giving everyone a way to get paid for doing simple, but valuable, tasks, and contribute . This will help to the widely distribute BOON tokens because if Someone had kept 100% of Bitcoin for himself, Bitcoin would be worthless This is helpful because cryptocurrencies have a network effect.

3.Solving the Cryptocurrency Liquidation Problem

A currency that is difficult to use or impossible to sell has little value. Someone who comes across $1.00 worth of Bitcoin will discover that it costs more than $1.00 to sell that Bitcoin. They have to create an account with an exchange, perform KYC validation, and pay fees. Small amounts of cryptocurrency are like small change that people are unwilling to bend over to pick up.

Merchants give users a way to quickly convert their cryptocurrency into tangible goods and services. Merchants need a currency pegged to their unit of account, normally dollars. Accepting a volatile currency introduces a significant accounting overhead. Merchants will accept any currency if it increases their sales. Having a large user base with a stable currency such as BOON lowers the barrier to entry for merchants. The presence of merchants improves the system by creating an off-ramp for users to exit the system without going to the trouble of using an exchange. Another way that people can liquidate the small amounts of cryptocurrency they receive on the Boon Tech platform is through tipping others. This is like leaving the small change as a tip for your waiter. When enough people leave small tips, it adds up to a meaningful amount. You and the service provider each gain a benefit from the tip.

Web : www.Boon.vc

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